Is This Teen Mom 2 Situation Considered Girl Code or Starting Drama?

In the months leading to the new season of Teen Mom 2, there has been a ton of drama between some of the castmates. Last night was night one of the must-see episode we’ve been waiting for; behind the scenes of the reunion special.

While the real drama is to come next week where we see Jenelle Eason’s husbands aggressive behavior or the war of words (part two) between Kailyn Lowry and new cast mate Briana DeJesus, last night started a Twitter war between fans over an opinion of girl code.

Let’s give some background information before we go through the vicious girl war that occurred last night:

On last weeks season premiere Briana openly told co-star Leah Messer that she and other co-star Javi Marroquin (Kailyn’s ex-husband and baby daddy #2) were going to stay at the same hotel together on a family trip to Disney. Briana said it as if she thought Leah wasn’t going to say anything.

What made things worse was that Kailyn didn’t know that he would be seeing/staying with someone else, let alone a friend of hers. Plus, Javi was taking not only their shared son Lincoln, but Isaac, Kailyn’s first born with Jo Rivera. Leah wanted to let her know because she would be furious if that happened to her and she didn’t know. So Leah told Kail because that’s what good friends do. See video of the phone call below.

Fast forward to last nights episode we saw Briana get her nose out of joint because she thought Leah lied about some of the information given and was probably mad that she said something when it wasn’t her place to. Leah obviously seemed upset for telling a friend what another friend said in a conversation because she and Briana were friends. See video below.

The question is simple: Was Leah wrong for telling Kailyn that her ex/the guardian of two of her children for this vacation is going on vacation and staying with their castmate/friend who told Leah this information herself?

Leah has known Kailyn for almost 9 years and the pair have remained close for the entire time. Leah’s only known Briana for about a year. Where would her loyalty be?

Many people on social media are taking Leah’s side because they claim it’s common girl code.

Some are even arguing that it was a kind gesture between mothers because kids were involved and it was portrayed that Javi wasn’t going to tell Kail they were staying together.

Would you not want to know who your two children will be staying with when they’re out of the state and when one of the children going aren’t even legally their kid?

And of course people are taking Briana’s side because they think it’s shady of Leah, or just attacking Kailyn for her past with Javi.

At the end of the day I think Leah did the right thing by telling Kailyn because that’s what friends do. Plus she came at it from a mothers standpoint. Would you want your son staying with someone you didn’t even know about? Especially when your friends with that person? I wouldn’t.

I also think Briana is in the wrong here. I understand her argument that it should have been Javi to tell Kailyn about the accommodations on the trip. But I don’t see the problem with why Kail is mad Javi is going to spend time with her. It’s the lack of communication and slight betrayal. And Kail is entitled to feel that way.

Briana’s sister Brittany sums up our feelings about this situation in the best way possible.

Regardless, do you think this was an act of girl code or do you think Leah was looking to start drama by telling Kailyn.

Place your vote and comments below!

Featured image via Kailyn Lowry on Instagram


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