5 Fun Ways To Celebrate International Sweatpants Day

Sweatpants are among the most comfortable garments you can wear. Initially, sweatpants were designed so that athletes could keep warm when exercising outdoors in cold weather. These comfortable pants were first introduced to the market by a French designer, Emile Camuset in 1920. Emile Camuset was the founder of Le Coq Sportif. Nowadays, sweatpants have become fashionable, form-fitting, and widely accepted as an everyday piece of clothing. So, International Sweatpants Day, which falls on January 21, was made to embrace our comfiest garment.

So, if you are a sweatpants lover (and I mean, who isn’t?), here are a few ways to celebrate this holiday.

1. Make an inventory 

Count how many pairs of sweatpants you own. Then organize them by size and color. While doing that, check which ones need mending or which ones might need to be tossed. At the end, make sure to fold them properly. You can even take a picture of your collection and share it social media. 

2. Buy yourself a new pair 

You can never have too many sweatpants. So, gift yourself a new pair. If your budget allows it, buy a pair from a high-end clothing brand, for example, a tracksuit from Juicy Couture or Victoria’s Secret. If you’re unable to do so, you can buy something cheap like a matching T-shirt or a pair of bright socks to wear with your favorite sweats. 

3. Take a selfie and hashtag it

This day is the perfect ocassion to rock your favorite sweatpants. So, throw them on, take a picture, and upload it to Instagram or you favorite social media platform with the hashtag #internationalsweatpantsday. This will allow you to see how others celebrate this holiday as well as share your unique style. Be kind and leave a nice comment to a fellow sweatpants lover! 

4. Wear comfortable clothing

If you aren’t fond of wearing sweatpants, don’t fret: You can still celebrate! Simply put on your comfiest outfit and go out and run errands in it. Doing so can make these tasks feel a lot lighter. 

5. Be easy on yourself 

International Sweatpants Day is not only about wearing your comfy sweats. It’s also a good day to take it easy and be nice to yourself. Take this day to build self-confidence and try something you’re afraid of doing. Make sure to stay away from negativity and make an effort to ignore those who put you down. Self-care is also about forgiving yourselves for your mistakes and realize that they’re valuable lessons. On this day, relax and take some time off. Even more — take yourself to the movies, or for a nice meal. Treat yourself

The biggest takeaway from this shoud be to enjoy International Sweatpants Day! These are just a few tips that can be of good use for today. So stay as comfortable as you can and rock your sweats! 

Featured image via Mikhail Nilov on Pexels


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