11 Steps To Giving Yourself A Complete Glow Up In 2021

2020 has passed and some of us are probably still ambivalent about how the new year will turn out. The previous year taught us to be resilient, even if we’re not prepared enough. Moreover, we realized that we should still aim for our dreams. So what are we waiting for? Here are 11 steps on giving yourself a new year glow up in confidence, appearance, and power: 

Step 1: Create a moodboard for 2021
Gather your inspiration for your ideal year and create a moodboard. Open up your Pinterest or Tumblr, and begin selecting photos for a specific theme. These photos must make you feel motivated. When you’re done, you should be able to visualize your goals.

Step 2: Eliminate your distractions
If you want to achieve your goals, you need to get rid of all obstacles that hinder your success. These distractions can be your phone, a social media account, or the pesky neighbor living beside you. When an instagram account makes you feel unworthy, unfollow it.

Step 3: Switch up your look
A key step to self-confidence is to change your style. After you finish your moodboard, you can begin to select your favorite outfits. Using the photos as inspiration, purchase some clothes, search some makeup tutorials, and try out a hairstyle that you’ve never thought of. You’ll definitely enjoy the process and come out of the year as looking refreshed. 

Step 4: Revamp your playlist
Glowing up also means exploring music in different genres. Do you like alternative rock?  Try  listening to some country or classical music. You’ll definitely find a new person and emotion within you. 

Step 5: Pick up a new hobby

Another way of gaining self confidence is to discover your hidden talents. Perhaps you’re a great painter, musician, or actor. But you’ll never know until you watch some tutorials and try those hobbies out.

Step 6: Set goals you haven’t thought of achieving before
Want  to finish that book you’re writing? Or obtain your first design client? Write it in a notebook and break it down. Think of smaller monthly goals that you want to achieve in order to work towards the bigger goal. Some short-term goals may seem like nothing at all, but they can make a difference. 

Step 7: Reconnect with old and new friends
Remember the high school friend who went away to another college? You haven’t talked to them in years. Maybe now is the right time. Just an email or Facebook message can go a long way, and besides, who knows what other friends you’ll meet?

Step 8: Put yourself out there
Waiting to start a project, volunteer or network? That’s great! What are you waiting for? In order to see your true potential, you should start those projects immediately. Even if they’re out of your comfort zone, conquer those fears and be proud of what you’ve done. 

Step 9: Take on a new role at your day job
Although taking initiative is intimidating at first, the act will pay off. Whenever your co-worker or boss needs help to finish a task, you can be a good samaritan. And if you’re still unsure, ask for feedback. At the end, your boss and coworkers will appreciate it.

Step 10: Find a new self care routine
It’s difficult to prioritize self-care when so many tasks are occurring simultaneously. However, no task is more important than your health. If too many projects are happening, remember it’s okay take a break. You need to re-energize by experimenting with different self care routines, and seeing which one is the most effective. 

Step 11: Stay hydrated, healthy and continue with your daily exercise.
Exercising doesn’t always have to be about going to the gym.  You can walk 30 minutes or dance to songs. Regardless of what activities you choose, keep in mind that exercising is important when it comes to improving your health and reducing the risk of diseases. Plus, always remember to stay hydrated during the process for more nutrients

When you follow these steps, you’ll begin to see a difference in your confidence and motivation levels. Indeed, glowing up is tedious, difficult, and takes time, but you’ll be more than ecstatic with the results. Therefore, when 2021 ends and December arrives, you’ll never regret looking back, even if you move forward. 

Featured Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


  1. Hi, I’m 37 years old. I didn’t fulfill anything bigger than me yet. I’m not that pretty, I have so many insecurities within me. But I’m happy. To all of you who are younger than me, my only piece of advice is that you should enjoy your youth. This is your only life, this is your only time to be young. Enjoy it, eat a little healthier, smile more, laugh more, make more friends, create memories, your body is a temple, treat it as such, numbers don’t define you. Your weight is not your worth. The universe is within you, you have so much more to give. You are more than just beauty.


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