5 Polaroid Instant Cameras For Anyone’s Budget


Remember the first time you saw a camera instantly print out a photo? Many of us constantly begged our parents to purchase the half camera half printer-like machine. No matter how hard our peers tried to persuade us to ignore it, we refused to listen to their comments. 

Although the first polaroid-like camera hit the market over 70 years ago, we continue to observe their popularity all over the internet. Many of us take them on special trips, or play around with them in the middle of quarantine. But what if you’re looking for a camera to join the instant photography game? Well, below you’ll find five instant cameras suited for anyone’s budget:

1. Fujifilm – Instax Mini 11: $69.99 

Unlike their previous descendents, the 11 has a range of new features. One of these is automatic exposure, which turns on as soon as you click the ‘Go’ button. If you had a problem with dark backgrounds in other versions, the automatic exposure feature on the Instax 11 will change that. Plus, there’s another special mode for selfies and close-up photos, all under $70. 

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2. Lomography – Lomo’Instant Camera (Explorer Edition): $49

Aside from the beautiful packaging and design, this instant camera contains more features than predicted. People can choose between three shooting modes that range from flash-on manual mode (good for indoors) to flash-off manual mode (good for long exposure pictures). Just like the Instax Mini 11, people also have the option to take selfies. But unlike other instant film cameras, there is more room for control and creative freedom.

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3. Canon – IVY CLIQ2 Instant Camera Printer: $99.99

This camera is not only small and easy to use, but it also combines the artistic effects of both digital and analog photography. You can choose the filter for your printed pictures and even take a selfie. Once your photo finishes printing, you can peel off the back and stick the picture on your favorite accessory. How cute is that? 

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4. Kodak – Step Instant Digital Camera: $69.99

Combining the worlds of digital and film photography, the Step Instant Camera bridges the two distinct artistic mediums to create a unique result. Seven picture modes are available in the camera with full color, black and white, and vintage options. The user can also manipulate the picture whichever way they want. Oh, and most importantly, you can insert a microchip to save the photos. The small size also makes the camera portable for any occasion. 

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5. Polaroid – OneStep+ Camera: $139.99

This camera comes in two colors: black and white. Although the first Polaroid camera  debuted in 1977, the original Polaroid actually closed their factories in 2008. However, a Dutch company named the Impossible Project created another Polaroid camera around nine years later, which revived the popularity of instant film photography. The Polaroid OneStep Plus Camera entered the market in 2018 and possessed the hearts of many fans. 

Unlike the previous polaroids created in the 70s, this new camera can connect to the Polaroid Originals app with Bluetooth. Users who download the app can switch the camera to manual mode, or play around with the self timer. 

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Instant photography continues to fascinate everyone. What’s more, this artistic medium offers a variety of unexpectedness, creativity, and amusement. Printed photos are a great way to establish everlasting friendship bonds, interact with different people, and showcase your photographic skills in a new way. If you want to begin, why not purchase yourself an instant camera to capture all your favorite moments in the new year?

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels



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