9 Go-To Hangover Cures That Millennials Swear By

When you hit your late twenties you finally reach the age where a wild night of drinking catches up to you, and you get hangovers fairly easily. It sucks, I know. While some become conscious about what they drink to prevent the dreaded morning after, some just can’t control themselves.

The good thing about hangovers are that there are a number of ways you can help cure a hangover or at least feel a little bit better.

My go-to hangover cure has got to be a bottle of Gatorade or Powerade. Obviously we need the electrolytes these drinks contain, but they just taste so good and make me feel better. While I may swear by this regimen, others have their own they live by.

Do I really believe that eating a quesadilla will cure my hangover? Not in the slightest. Wouldn’t it sit too heavy in your stomach and make you feel like you want to vomit? But, it must work for someone!

I’ve never thought of eating this, but I will have to try this for sure.

Do people actually keep honey consistently in their home? I would love to try this but I know I rarely have honey at all times. I do believe this would work, though.

Sounds to me like this is something she’s tried on vacation after a few too many. Coconut water is good for any occasion, so I’m sure this works.

I am always down for an everything bagel, but when I’m really hungover that sounds like a lot of effort to make. Effort that I don’t have after a wild night out. Don’t you agree?

This is definitely a science experiment gone wrong, but at least he tried it to avoid further issues. Now it’ll be a test to see if it worked again the next morning.

OJ heals all. Just sayin.’

I genuinely believe that people who can drink tomato juice on its own are something special sent from heaven or from hell, because I could never. But hey, if you can, I hear this works for a lot of people.

Finally, a cure I can stand by.

Now, you may not agree with my Gatorade-induced coma, but it sounds pretty tame considering some of these solutions. Could you see yourself actually using them, or have you tried them? Maybe you have your own concoction for hangovers. Comment your thoughts/ideas below!

Featured image via thom masat on Unsplash


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