This Is My Quarantine Cocktail Delivery Service Idea

Since COVID-19 has completely taken over everyone’s lives, we can no longer hang out with our friends, go to our favorite stores, or cough around our house without someone spraying copious amounts of Lysol in our faces… And to top it all off, I can’t even order a FREAKIN’ AFFORDABLE COCKTAIL!

Yes, we have services that deliver bottles of alcohol to your front door, which I am so grateful for! But, what about those moments when you want to try something new? A mixed drink, a cocktail, a seasonal concoction, a fruity punch, a refreshing spritzer, a drink only a skilled professional (look up any YouTube video of a bartender doing tricks & you’ll get the idea) can make. They serve you an elixir that sends you into a state of YEAHHHH, mixed with OMG, with a sprinkle of AHHHHHHHH. You know, that beverage that will send you into the IDC (I Don’t Care) state. 

With all the pressures of work, constantly being in the same environment, and growing concerns about life things, I decided to treat myself. 

I usually purchase a black box of wine and call it a day but this time, I wanted a little something special. So I searched for a good cocktail delivery service and I had to check my Google search to make sure I was looking for a cocktail, not a car! I saw a few services and went to their sites to see what they would offer, and… WTF. The cost of these cocktail packages or kits were so expensive. They ranged from $30 to $90 and more. 

The kits come with full bottles of alcohol, ingredients, and instructions, but what if I only wanted one drink or I tried the drink and didn’t like it? If that’s the case, then I’m stuck with this kit, which I will still use even if it tastes like shoe polish. Why can’t there be a virtual bartender? Yes, I know there are individuals selling their homemade cocktails on some social media sites, but I’m a little suspicious about purchasing anything off of social media — take me to an official website! I would love to support my local bartenders in getting them back to doing what they do best, making some DRANKS!

I live in a stuffy, restrictive area that doesn’t even sell alcohol in the grocery store. Yes, I shed a little tear for that, but I think there may be a solution. DISCLAIMER: I don’t know all of the rules of selling alcohol online, but if they have alcohol delivery services, they should allow something else yet similar. 

If the bartenders can obtain an alcohol manufacturer’s license and they pass the Health Department requirements, this could be an unexpected, profitable benefit to small-town shops. Instead of getting stale, premade mixtures limited in variety and flavors, you can get fresh cocktails made by local talent. The cost of individual cocktails can still be at a premium level, but you don’t have to make life choices when you want a drink. 

I don’t know if this idea will work but someone please give it a try! This will help bring unique branding to small chains. They can advertise their local, talented bartenders that create fresh, specialized drinks, specifically designed for their clientele. The shops can advertise this on social media and the talent can advertise a drink menu that can be purchased through local shops. 

I know there may be more steps involved — virtual meetings, financial and contractual negotiations, signing over your soul, maybe. I think it’s worth a try though… just get me a great cocktail. And, if anyone goes through with this idea, CALL ME!

Featured image via Kobby Mendez on Unsplash


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