Don’t Lose Hope: The Top 4 Places To Meet Your Next Significant Other

Picture this: It’s the first day of high school, and you’re standing alone in a hallway. Students rush past you; some are holding hands and others are chatting loudly with their friends. You look to the right and see your middle school classmate, Bella, talking to some boy from your boring, tedious math class. Then you look to the left… 

… And before you know it, you’re already in college. 

This time, Bella’s not with you, nor is the guy that she talked to. Instead, you’re conversing with a boy whom you met online through a group chat. At first, he’s just a classmate or a friend to you. But later on, the unexpected happens. Falling in love, going on dinner dates, and moving in together are some of the events you experience. 

Love can happen anytime and anywhere. Whether it is temporary or permanent, all of us feel strong emotions in all stages of our lives. From the time we were nurtured by our parents to the first romantic date with our partner, the feeling of love can never be forgotten. Even the initial sparks between you and your S.O. will always be cherished. 

Although all of our dating situations are different, here are some of the best places where you can find your next significant other without getting on a dating app. 

1. School

Many relationships that I have witnessed all started with classes. During my first month of summer school, the ship sailed between two of my classmates. They first acknowledged each other with humor and then proceeded to work on group assignments together. Since they were both in the same class, they would constantly interact with each other. Having that constant communication can trigger the initial spark of love and joy between two people, further leading to “something more than a friendship.”

2. Traveling

Nothing is better than wanderlust (other than wonderlust). Exploring the world will not only bring great memories and adventures but it will also create a variety of personal and professional relationships. You never know who you will meet after booking the tour or buying the ticket. The right person may come along and explore the world with you — at the perfect time. If you’ve been scared to travel alone, hopefully the possibilities of creating lifelong relationships will give you the push you need.

3. Volunteering

Being active in helping your community may also reward you with love and respect. Sometimes, in volunteering, you may work with other members of the organization in smaller groups. These other individuals will eventually become close friends or partners. You never know! So not only would you be doing good for your community but you can also meet someone who has similar values as you by doing so.

4. At Work

Oh, the irony! Similar to volunteering, working also consists of individualistic and collaborative projects. Depending on your role, you may work with a range of different people and try to achieve a common goal. After your shift, you may even start to communicate with your co-workers and learn about them on a personal level. Many friendships and relationships — both long-term and temporary — can start from a close-knit environment. 

Meeting the right person is definitely a daunting and experimental task. Life is unpredictable; we never know when our other half will appear. But even with the never-ending and difficult journey, love is always worth it. Great things will happen and then be followed by difficult time periods. Happiness will present itself and then be followed by stages of grief. The complex, roller-coaster emotions are what make us find love, and love others. So, never forget when and where you found the love of your life. 

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