5 Fashion Essentials You Can’t Attend A Music Festival Without

The festival world is a down and dirty yet glamorous affair. All the hottest celebs frequent the outdoor concert scene, from Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella last weekend to Karlie Kloss at Burning Man 2015. Now that the season of festivals is officially upon us, how are you going to match their fashion while you pack for your musical trip to the great outdoors? Here are some items you must bring along with your ripped denim shorts and floral sundresses.

Layers: Mother Nature isn’t always on our side when it comes to spring. One day rain, the next day heat, and lots of mud in between. Have a light jacket or some big scarves that you can add to any outfit to make sure you don’t catch a cold. An old denim jacket or some flannel found at a thrift shop is a great addition to your duffel bag. It’s no major loss if they’re ruined and if you’re camping, you have one more thing that will help keep you warm at night.

Neon: It is spring! Most of these shows take place in warmer climates so the sun is shining bright and you want to shine with it. Neon colors go with black, white, polka dots, stripes, and they match best with more neon. Most daily errands would have you in a muted tone so make sure to bust out the big guns and dress wild all weekend.

Sparkles and body paint: Channel your inner Ke$ha and roll  on that glitter! It is great on your arms and legs, and can be used with paint to put some funky designs on your body. Offer your body art supplies to passersby to make new friends. Yes, you may have trouble getting it all out of your hair but who doesn’t appreciate a sparkle falling down on to their desk here and there?

Flowers: We’ve all seen the headbands and crowns that can be woven to wear around your head but why not start a new trend and make some jewelry? Bringing real jewelry isn’t a good idea because it may get lost or broken easily. By some fake strands at a local craft store before you head out or pick some wild flowers in the field you pass on the way to the show. Braid them into bracelets or rings or simply tuck them into your pockets to give out.

Flags: Wherever you’re from, a flag makes a lovely cape and doubles as a strapless dress if you have a safety-pin. A step up from a muscle tank  or graphic tee, flags make a statement. It’s also fun to wave around as you dance and, like glitter paint, can bring some people together that otherwise wouldn’t have had a conversation starter. It’s also another item that can be used when it’s cold as a blanket or to keep off some rain.

None of these items would look as great if they weren’t paired with your distressed high waist shorts or that great vintage sundress. But take your look a step above by mixing these ideas into your outfits. Don’t be afraid to try some together or even all at once! With these 5 additions to your staples of TOMS, crop tops, and sunnies, you will be looking the part in no time.

Featured image via dusan jovic on Unsplash


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