What You Should Expect When You Go To A Salon After Quarantine

Now that the world is starting to open back up again after being shut down for 15 weeks, towns and cities have made plenty of  changes. And of course, now that hair and nail salons are opening back up, people are flooding as quickly as they can to get their touch-ups in. However, even though salons are open, they’re not upholding “business as usual.” But to ease your anxiety, here’s a  breakdown of everything to expect before you go back to the salon for the first time.

Keep in mind it’s important to know that all countries, states, provinces, and cities have different protocols, and some areas may be more strict than others. The following are generic guidelines that most areas seem to follow. 

Hair Salons

1. You’ll need an appointment. 

Although some salons have “first come, first serve” policies, you may have to wait awhile to get an appointment time. Salons are limiting the amount of people they admit at once, so your wait time will vary. As frustrating at this might be, remember that it’s all for your safety. 

2. Some salons won’t offer blow-drying or styling services.

Sadly, there’s no way to clean the inside of a hair dryer, so some salons will send you home with wet hair if they see drying and styling as a means of Coronavirus transmission.

Nail Salons

1. No holding the colours for yourself. 

Now, most employees will help you pick your colour and will also hold it for you in order to prevent the spread of germs. You may also be required to bring your own nail polish for pedicures.

2. You won’t be able to get a facial waxing or lash appointment.

Salon employees can’t be close to your face because it’s easy to contract in such close proximity. Do your best to wait it out. 

3. Tables and chairs will be sanitized. 

Nail salons must clean their counters between each customer. You also may notice employees switching aprons or wearing scrubs in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

4. Bring your own sandals. 

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, some salons no longer offer reusable sandals for pedicures. You guessed it – using sandals that aren’t your own could spread the virus. 

5. You might not be able to pay in cash.

While it might be common to pay for salon services in cash, cash can quickly spread germs. To play it safe, bring both cash and a card. But don’t be surprised if your salon doesn’t accept cash. 

What to keep in mind for both: 

1. Most places require that you call in.

Before sitting in a salon waiting room, staff might screen you with a few questions about possible COVID-19 symptoms. This may include you being screened on the phone while waiting outside the building before an employee lets you inside. This way, they can ensure that you’re healthy and won’t spread germs. 

2. Some salons may require that you wear a mask. 

While a mask won’t protect you from COVID-19, it can prevent you potentially from spreading it to others. 

3. You may be required to sanitize your hands when you arrive.

A salon employee will watch you sanitize. If you refuse to lather up, they’ll probably ask you to leave because not following proper hygiene protocol puts others at risk.

4. Most salons will waive cancellation fees. 

This way, if you do feel under the weather, you can call the saloni and potentially save someone’s life. To top it off, you shouldn’t have to pay a pesky extra charge. Win-win!

While going back to your salon may seem scary at first, it won’t be if you know what to expect ahead of time. So ask what precautions are in place before you arrive, stay safe, and enjoy some “me time” during this hectic stage of life!

Featured Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.



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