5 Ways Women Can Boost Their Libido

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Sex isn’t just for men — women enjoy it, too. Unfortunately, nearly 50 percent of women suffer from vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, and other biological factors that make it difficult to reach orgasm. 

Harvard-trained physician and sexual health expert Dr. Julianne Arena believes it is vital for women to understand what they can do to achieve the healthy sex life they desire. Therefore, Dr. Arena has compiled a list of five things women can do to boost their libido and improve their sex life.

1. Communicate with your partner.

Dr. Arena says that most people overlook the most obvious cause for lost libido — poor partner communication. To get “in the mood,” you need to feel connected with your partner. Therefore, strengthening the intimate bond with your partner can help awaken your sex life.

Date again. Spend time talking to your partner and learn what each of you likes inside and outside the bedroom. Practice other forms of intimacy, like kissing and affectionate touch. All these things can help you connect on a deeper, more meaningful level. And, if you find you have issues discussing these things as a couple, ask your doctor for a referral to a health professional specializing in sexual dysfunction or intimacy.

2. Focus on your overall health.

There’s a direct correlation between physical health and optimum sex life. In fact, things like gut health and sleep habits can significantly impact libido. In other words, when your physical health is in check, your sexual health will be too.

If you’re trying to boost your libido and communication with your partner, try focusing on your overall health. Make sure your body is fueled with the proper nutrients. Drink plenty of water. Keep your stress levels in check, and make time for daily physical activity. Also, follow a consistent schedule that includes proper sleep hygiene.

3. Try Cliovana.

Your body is constantly regenerating cells, but sometimes this can impact your responsiveness to stimulation. Cliovana is a patented soundwave treatment that boosts the process of regenerating cells in the genitals. This improves blood flow to the clitoris, increasing clitoral responsiveness. 

This quick, entirely non-invasive treatment method can help you enjoy greater lubrication, sexual satisfaction, and increased orgasm intensity and frequency. It’s a great, long-term solution that only requires a few visits.

4. Balance hormones with a whole lifestyle approach.

As women age, their hormone levels change. Lower levels of estrogen can cause a drop in blood supply to the vagina, affecting vaginal lubrication. Luckily, hormone replacement can help with this. These therapies can include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, estrogen therapy, and other types of replacement treatments. 

In addition to aging, women with certain health conditions like PCOS find hormone therapy helpful for improving their sex life. This treatment has some side effects, but they often outweigh the benefits for women who aren’t finding other treatment methods beneficial. If you think this would be helpful, consult with your doctor.

5. Start pelvic floor physical therapy.

Although hormones and other issues can impact libido, sometimes pain during sex can make it less enjoyable and desirable. However, Dr. Arena says working with targeted exercises can help your pelvic muscles relax and get stronger, which can help to relieve pain during sex.

Typically, pelvic floor therapy requires one visit per week for eight weeks. In that time, you’ll receive exercises you can perform at home and learn how to avoid future problems. In many cases, women who undergo pelvic floor therapy eventually return to their ideal sexual function level and enjoy the benefits in the bedroom for years after their treatment ends. 

As a woman, you are entitled to enjoy your sex life as much as you desire. Sometimes, though, our bodies and brains can interfere with our ability to enjoy intimate moments with our partners. However, you can take control of your sex life again — it just requires thinking out of the box with these recommendations.

Feature Image by Leonardo Aleixo Pires via Pexels


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