The 5 Most Inspiring Fitness Accounts On Instagram Right Now

Since 2020 has begun, Instagram has been swarming with incredible fitness accounts. Whether you follow these for daily inspiration — like for the grind appreciation — or you simply save them for aspiration when you need it the most, the following handles will have you wanting to work out tomorrow morning! Or, they will help you see the art of exercise from an entirely different perspective. Here are some of the best fitness accounts on Instagram that will undoubtedly motivate you.

1. Dwayne Kerr

This Instagram account isn’t your typical machismo profile filled solely with leg day posts or a full-body workout. What makes this one special is the inspirational content through its Instagram stories and captions under each post. Moreover, Dwyane Kerr never fails to make your day more productive and forces you to become more grateful for just getting the chance to watch the sunset. According to Kerr, bullying was his main drive in striving towards a healthier life. Since then, he’s placed second in a bodybuilding competition in 2019 and ultimately, he opened his first Japanese-inspired “King Munchy Toronto.” You can follow Dwayne at @kerrathletics for some of the most motivating Instagram content ever.

2. Victoria Larocca

This account is the epitome of girl power. One good look at this profile and you’ll immediately feel more motivated to do the things everyone said you couldn’t. Victoria Larocca’s account focuses on the expansive benefits of CrossFit. She is also a CrossFit coach, personal trainer, and athlete. According to Larocca, CrossFit is the reason behind her impressive 40-pound weight loss and helped her maintain it in the long run. Moreover, she explains how the activity itself gave her a sense of satisfaction in her athleticism. Additionally, she talks about how she ultimately decided that this was the sport that she was meant to do. You can follow Victoria at @stronglikevic for some more girl power inspo that you can add to your daily activities.

3. Shanèl

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Dear Yoga, I am not a fan of Black History Month. I remember when I was younger and I watched an interview Morgan freeman did and he said we should abolish black history month. At first I was upset, it’s the one month of the year that blackness is celebrated and it feels so good being with the black community. Now that I’m older I realized those are the good sides to this month although I want more black folxs to feel this way 365 days a year. Why I truly dislike BHM is because since I was 5 years old the education system put the labour on black kids to teach black history to their classmates. And when the number of black folxs is small it do feel like labour. I believe that the labour should be on the education systems in Canada and honestly other countries in the world to include black history and the history of other poc and groups into the curriculum. I think the reason there are so many ignorant and anti black folxs is because you put the onus on education on a community that no one wants to listen too. ……… If you feel inclined to honour black folxs this month by having them take the stage, teach the class, present etc please remember that I am also black in July and deserve to take the stage then too. If you are non black and are throwing an event or having someone present or teach please make sure your intentions are authentic. We are not to be used for your diversity clout. ………… Speaking to Black wellness Teachers – please don’t be afraid to host events for folxs who identify as black only. Feel no pressure that you have to include everyone, black healing spaces are needed. Black history should be included in all histories. We intersect with every culture include us when you tell stories. So on a systematic and Education level I don’t believe in BHM, but I love the feeling this month brings to the black community. The joy, the excitement, the happiness of being in the skin were in. I’m so excited for all the events being held for black folxs especially the ones created and run by black folxs. How can you be a good ally? Practice spending money at black businesses, then do it again in March-December. Take it upon yourself to get educated.

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This Instagram account proves how fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. One good look at this profile and you will be loving your curves and love handles that you’ve been trying to tone for years. Shanel’s account focuses on the everyday benefits of yoga. Each of her posts is captioned in the form of a letter, in which she explains her thoughts and reflects on what yoga has taught us. Since then Shanel has been teaching yoga for over a year at Body Positive Yoga(@bopoyoga). It is a yoga studio that celebrates every body type and fitness level without making anyone feel insecure. You can follow Shanel at  @dearyoga_ for more body-positive inspo to get you through any workout — no matter your size.

4. Project R.I.S.E

This account oozes inspiration from every post and story they put on their page. Project R.I.S.E. isn’t just your regular gym, but a “family with goals.” Located in Mississauga, Ontario, these powerhouses also believe in making a positive impact within their communities through fitness. Fun fact: The humble beginnings of this gym started from just teaching calisthenics at local parks. They believe calisthenics — a bodyweight movement — could succumb as a pillar of success for multiple fitness journeys. Now they operate as a full-blown gym, offering group classes, and memberships; from beginner calisthenics to classes that start at 6 am every morning. All in all, this Instagram account is full of content not only guaranteed to get you more active, but also your friends and family too. You can follow Project R.I.S.E. at @project_rise for more motivating posts that will help you kick off your day right.

5. Emily Sui

This Instagram account isn’t your usual “girl who works out and posts selfies of herself.” Emily Sui’s profile is the ultimate package in terms of promoting fitness with proper nutrition. With every workout video she posts comes a list stating exactly how many reps she does within a certain amount of time. She is also consistent in posting what she eats when she goes out, what she snacks on, what she makes for each meal, as well as offers some meal prep ideas. What’s more, the most unique thing about her account is the fact that she posts recipes along with the meals she makes out of them. Sui also has a YouTube channel (Emily Sui), which mostly consists of vlogs of her workouts and daily life. For more useful tips on everything fitness and nutrition, you can follow Emily at @emliftss.

All of these accounts show that we are all able to achieve a healthier lifestyle if we choose to. Many accounts use Instagram bots, but these accounts seem pretty genuine and inspo worthy. From more simplified healthier recipes to daily Instagram stories that inspire us to be the best version of ourselves, these 5 accounts have truly set the standard for other fitness accounts.

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