5 Decorating Tricks To Make Your Apartment Cozy AF


I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the end of this long winter. Spring brings us thoughts of blooming flowers, actual sunlight and chirping birds. In reality though, we never really know what the actual weather will be like. It could very well still be dreadfully cold, or damp and rainy. Or, hopefully, we will be blessed with beautiful weather. 

The uncertainty that comes with the change from winter means you need to make sure you’re prepared, especially in your apartment. On those cold and rainy days, you want to ensure that your space is comfy and welcoming. So, here are some decorating tips to make sure your apartment is cozy AF for whatever spring brings. 

1. Create a nook

Having a space dedicated to relaxing and enjoying the activities you love is essential to feeling comfortable at home. This can be a corner of your bedroom or living room, or it can take up a whole spare room if you have one. If you’re a bookworm, this can be a reading nook to help you enjoy all the books you have. Or if you’re into exercising, turn it into your own personal gym. There are plenty of possibilities for you to get creative while enjoying something you love on a rainy day. 

2. Focus on memories

Nothing puts a warm and fuzzy feeling in you quite like thinking about your favorite memories or people in your life. Incorporate that into your apartment’s decor by hanging pictures of those memories and people. Now, anytime you need some comfort, you can look at those pictures you took while studying abroad with your friends or from that family vacation you went on when you were little. Frame these photos and create a gallery of your happiest memories this way you will have a constant reminder of those moments and the happiness they bring you.

3. Add unexpected color

Certain colors can make your space feel more welcoming and comfortable. If you live in an apartment, you’re likely not able to actually add color by painting the walls. Luckily, there are other ways you can brighten up your space in order to escape the drabness of winter. One easy way to bring color into any room is with furniture. For example, add a patterned or colored sofa for an instant and noticeable pop. You might consider buying a leather Chesterfield suite for an accent furniture piece in your apartment. You can also add some color with an area rug. Instead of opting for a neutral tone, look for bright colors or patterns to make it stand out. Once you add in these splashes of color, you’ll be fully embracing the new season.

4. Play with light

The light you have in your apartment plays a big role in setting a cozy tone. To create a cozy atmosphere, the number one thing is to stay away from fluorescent lighting, since it’s often hard on the eyes and sets an industrial tone. 

When in doubt, natural sunlight is always the best bet. Not only does it help cut back on your energy bill, but it also makes you feel better and makes decorating so much easier. While the apartment setting can be limiting when it comes to how much natural light you’re able to have, you can always mimic it with light bulbs that give off soft light. At night time, rely on other soft light sources such as candles or even decorative string lights. 

5. Embrace minimalism

A cluttered space can often make you feel overwhelmed and anxious. In order to combat those feelings, try embracing the minimalist lifestyle trend. Minimalism doesn’t mean you have to live only with the bare necessities. Instead, it means only having the things that you actually use. And having the things that means the most to you. Life without excess allows you to be more self-aware and organized. Plus, not having the clutter around you will make you feel more comfortable and at ease. There’s no better excuse to embrace this way of life than with the fresh time of year and spring cleaning. That way, you can use all the decorating you want while getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff! 

Your apartment is your home, and your home is your sanctuary. This season is about fresh starts and rebirth, so let it also be a time to refresh your home. Using these decorating tips will help transform your space into a cozy haven when transitioning from the Winter to Spring.

Featured photo via Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash


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