3 Saving Tips That Every Bookworm Will Love

If you’re a bookworm, you probably spend entirely too much money on books every month. Even if you’d rather spend your money on books than food or luxury, though, these three practical saving tips will allow you to buy more books for pennies on the dollar

1. Resell Your Old Books And Buy Second-Hand Books

Even bookworms who cherish their massive home libraries can live without some books. Consider buying and selling books that you don’t want long-term. When you resell books, always provide realistic assessments of the book’s condition (including any small tears or spills inside the book), include an accurate shipping cost for your buyer to pay, and consider your costs (like packaging). When you buy yourself used books, read condition descriptions carefully, and always check the used prices against the new before you buy anything. After all, you want to receive the most bang for your buck! 

2. Consider Reading Online

The e-reading revolution has taken reading to a whole new level. Many digital readers offer an imitation of the “real” book experience with some additional convenience. The Kindle is a great choice for those who read for hours on end, whereas the iPad is a great option for those who like to multitask. 

3. Start Up A Book Club Or Swap

Book clubs traditionally choose one book for everyone to read and discuss. This setup encourages you to read a variety of books throughout the year. Also, book clubs provide space for you to discover new perspectives. 

If you’re a bookworm looking for a new spin on the traditional book club, though, host a book swap instead! This way, your fellow book lovers can exchange books with each other, and you can all meet to share your personal reviews. 

Since most bookworms are introverts, consider using Facebook or Goodreads to find other book-loving locals. Once you find your group and set up your swap, you cannot only read new novels, but also meet new people who share your passion for reading. 

Studies show that reading provides numerous benefits. Your passion for reading can increase your lifespan, expand your vocabulary, and heighten your cognitive abilities. What’s more, reading often improves your mood. So if you’d love to read more books but don’t have the financial freedom to buy out the bookstore, consider one of these three methods to help you spend hours reading and still save money.

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