5 Shaving Hacks To Help You Get The Smoothest Legs Possible

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If you’re like me and have been shaving your legs for years, you may have noticed a lot of changes as time has gone on. Sometimes your legs are super dry, other times your leg hair is thick and coarse. But no matter what, razors make the world of a difference. I was always hairy as hell compared to other girls. So, I needed to get creative on how to combat this problem to get smoother skin and a closer shave. I’ve learned a lot of leg shaving hacks along my journey to silky smooth legs, and now I’m ready to share some do’s, don’ts and you-might-want-to-try’s.

Here are 5 leg shaving hacks you need to know:

1. Use body scrub as shaving cream

Instead of using shaving cream, I recommend using a sugar scrub (whether it’s homemade or from Bath & Body Works). Scrubs are meant to open our pores to the fullest, which means your hair follicles will be more reachable. Scrubs also get rid of dead skin and act as an exfoliant. With wet skin, I take a quick dab on my finger, wet it a little and lather it on my legs and shave. But be sure to rinse your razor frequently and use lotion after!

*Note: I would not recommend this if you are doing your first big shave in a long time as your razor will get clogged and your shave will be garbage! Also, avoid using a scrub that contains nuts as the scrub may be super rough.

2. Use a men’s razor

Men’s razors are made to combat thick hair — and lots of it — so the strength of the blades is designed to get the closest shave possible. By using one on the legs and other intimate areas, you’re bound to get better results. I’ve used a men’s razor for years and find they work better than any woman’s razor — and trust me, I’ve experimented a lot. Gilette by far has the best kind.

3. Don’t just use conditioner as shaving cream

The myth that you can use conditioner as shaving cream and get a clean shave is exactly that — a myth. It might work if you naturally have smooth skin and very fine hair, but for people like me, it caused nothing but rashes and irritation. Instead, I like to use a conditioner as prep. When I’m about to do a big leg shave before I use some conditioner on my legs since it softens hair. Then I wash it off and proceed to shave using other products. Try it for yourself! 

4. Keep your strokes short

I know, we all like doing one long stroke to get more hair and cover more space quicker. Turns out, the commercials aren’t a good guide to shaving well. In truth, shorter and lighter strokes allow for a cleaner shave with fewer missing patches. It also helps minimize the chances of ingrown hair, cuts, and razor burns. We all know that frustration of finding a patch after we’re done. So keep your strokes short and you’ll avoid that after-shave headache.

5. Use lotion immediately after shaving

After you get rid of dead skin and thick hair, your body is begging for moisture. If it doesn’t get it, your skin dries up pretty quickly. Once you dry off your body after a shower or shaving, apply your lotion immediately for the best results and minimal razor burn. Recently, I started using St. Ives coconut lotion after showering and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my legs. They’re left feeling silky smooth with minimal to no irritation bumps anywhere on my legs. Or you can still use that bottle of Bath & Body Works lotion you’ve had forever — whatever your preference! 

Leg shaving doesn’t have to consume most of your time in the shower, nor does it have to be a crazy routine. For me, I know what I have to do to accomplish certain types of shaves — some are more detailed than other times. But it’s good to know there are other hacks to help you achieve the smoothest legs imaginable. These won’t break your bank or take up too much time.

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