6 Things You Need To Take The Best Possible Pictures Of Your Pet

Don’t you just hate it when you end up looking like a potato in all your pictures? Your pets hate it too. Knowing about your pet’s best angle, lighting, best posture, and timing can enhance your pet photography skill to another level. Follow the guidelines below to take the best Instagram-worthy photos for your cute little family members.

Camera Body

You don’t really need an expensive camera to be a photographer, but everybody knows an Instagram account and the latest smartphone do not qualify. There are two type of camera bodies that you must know about. They are the full-frame body and the cop sensor body. Full-frame bodies have full features, while the cop sensors are compact and light.

If you want to use professional photos, you must maintain some professional standards. Professional camera bodies i.e. the buttons, memory card, upper and lower casing are made of metal.


The right lenses will help you communicate with your pet model when you are shooting them. Fixed lenses of 70 to 200mm, 85mm and 24 to 70 mm are short, so you have to be at close proximity to your model to get the best shot. Also, if you want to take the shot from a distance, like going incognito on your model, 85mm lens will give you the right insight into your model’s private world.

Besides, take it from another pro pet photographer – 50mm prime lens is suitable for dim and complex lighting environment. If you are into dreamy filters/effects, use this lens.

Continuous Focus and Lighting

Unless your pet model is lazy, they’ll most probably act overly hyper and silly. If you want, you can train your pets with a few modeling rules to have them behave. If not, there is a way – use the burst mode on your camera (keep in mind that the repetitive clicking on some cameras may bother some pets). By taking multiple shots, you are guaranteed to find gems in the pile! Nikon D3OOS and Canon ESO 7D have the best AF functions. Use this feature to take shots of moving animals.

Do not forget that animals have sensitive eyes and the flashes can be quite dangerous to use on them directly. Never use the flash when they are looking straight at the camera. Only use it when they are looking in another direction. There are certain adjustments that must be made if you have to use flash, such as a diffuser. If the diffuser is not used, the shadow may fall around the subject and the picture will not come out so well.

Outdoor/natural lighting may be in your favor for some shots, so don’t be afraid to step away from the flashy lights and diffusers on a nice morning/afternoon!


To find the right angle for your subjects to look glamorous, a lot of squats and planks are involved. You do not want a boring picture from the same old angle all the time. Photography is about creativity. So you must get creative. Work your body. You must shoot from their eye level, whether they are looking up, looking sideways or just looking down. Shoot from every angle – above, below, perpendicularly, diagonally, close distance and far distance.


Photo context is key. Backgrounds have to be clean and free of rubbish. Avoid having too many things in the frame. It is better to keep an empty background so that the focus can be on the subject. Also, bright and diffused lighting ensures the production of the best quality photos.

Use your knowledge about the personality of your pet models before preparing the theme for the photographs. Make sure your photographs illustrate deep emotional values. Ask questions, such as: “Which background colors will bring out your pet’s fur color?” “Which activity best describes your pet?” “What is its most unique feature?”


Who says it is enough to have a camera with fancy features? Never. You also need special editing skills to win awards for your photographs. Polish up on your editing skills while you are getting hands-on training on photography. Taking photos of pets is equally demanding as taking photos of monuments and people. You can use in-built filters already set in the camera. Otherwise, you can use filtering software to create impressive effects on your pet photos. Some famous image editing software are Adobe Photoshop series and GIMP.

Protip: While cropping, have the eyeball placed in the lower or upper quadrant. This will better the framework of the photo.

It is always simple and fun to be able to capture moments in time that can serve you as a fond memory in the future. Our pets do not necessarily have our longevity pattern. At least now you can feel more confident while chasing your little buddies for a proper snapshot. You can be certain that the pictures will be blur-free, clear, entertaining, professional and artistic!

Photo by sarandy westfall on Unsplash


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