The 14 Best Social Media Challenges Of The Past Decade

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Whether you choose to blame it on the internet, the creativity of others or plain boredom, we’ve had a lot of internet fads over the past ten years. From dabbing to salt bae to flipping cups, it’s hard to keep track of when everything became popular. It’s also hard to remember some of these challenges because they happened so long ago. 

But fear not, here’s a recap of all the best challenges that’ll make you go:

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2010/2011 – Planking

I say we bring this trend back to life because the potential for naps is doubled when doing this.

2012 – The Cup Song

Thank you Pitch Perfect for getting this catchy song stuck in our heads. And yet another thank you for creating this cool cup beat that I still can’t do to save my life.

2013 – Harlem Shake

The best part about these videos was watching how creative people got when doing them. Sporting events always provided the best ones.

2014 – Ice Bucket Challenge

Everyone from celebrities to world leaders and regular people did this challenge to raise awareness for those suffering from ALS. It’s a shame the inventor of the challenge passed away a few weeks ago so he could continue to see how much awareness this brought. 

2015 – The Condom Challenge

Why we thought it was so cool to fill up condoms with water and drop them on people’s heads like a water balloon beats me, but it did happen.

2015 – Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Sucking on water bottles a certain way really gave us the lip fillers we all dreamt of. You know, to look like Kylie Jenner (who swore her lips were natural). Unfortunately, this challenge came with a lot of medical emergencies for those attempting it. 

2015 – Eggs, Bacon, Grits, and Sausage!

I still yell “bacon, grits and sausage!” when I hear someone say eggs because this stupid song was so catchy and addicting. 

2016 – The Mannequin Challenge

The creativity some users had to make these videos was truly astounding. And, personally, I can’t hear the song without striking a pose. Thank you, Black Beatles. 

2016 – Bottle Flipping

I mean, this was a thing before people made internet videos about it, but whatever. Let the kids have their moment to shine.

2017 – Flossing

It’s been around for years, but because Backpack Kid did it in a video, it went absolutely viral. Mainly because it was oddly challenging to do. But don’t worry, it’s easy to do if you follow my dad’s tip and sing the Batman theme song in your head when you do it.

2018 – “In My Feelings” Challenge

Although it was extremely dangerous at times, it was great exposure for Drake’s new single at the time. It even went on to be the song of the summer for 2018!

2018 – What The Fluff?

Holding up a blanket and running away behind a corner to scare your dog was a little mean, but at least it showed us how much our puppers loved us!

2019 – Bottle Cap Challenge

Can you name someone who can kick off the lid of a water bottle? Because I can’t. I can’t even get them off using my hands half the time…

2019 – Triangle Dance

This made for a great laugh with your friends and family when attempting since it was just so clever!

I know, the internet archives are insane to think about. Oh, and in case you were wondering, dabbing became super popular in 2015 and hasn’t slowed down since. I know – it’s been a thing for five years already! Here’s to hoping 2020 provides brand new challenges for us to fall in love with all over again.

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