How Positivity Can Help You Overcome All Obstacles

Still being able to see the glass as half full during times of distress is a virtue that more of us should practice regularly. It not only helps us thrive but also succeed in life. A positive outlook in life, no matter the situation, is a fantastic trait to have. I can guide you through the perils and terrors of what we call “life.” After all, positivity is both an art and a science!

Positivity is in itself a miraculous feat. It can empower you to excel and overcome any adversity that comes your way. Imagine a hypothetical situation: You are stuck in a reclusive and frightening forest with your SO. That specific forest is known for its terror. And none of you have any idea what to do and how to leave this unknown territory. Nonetheless, remaining positive and holding each other’s hands will ease both of your anxieties and fear. Being in physical contact with each other will help you both figure out a way out of the horrifying jungle. Eventually, you’ll find the light at the end of the tunnel. So having someone with you during times of struggle can elicit a waterfall of positive emotions.

According to a TIME article, “Reframe and Divert” is one way to evolve into a more positive person. 

As writer Carly Breit endorses, “Reframing the situation involves looking for opportunity instead of ruminating on the loss.” As humans, we are prone to dwelling on the past and the negativity of a situation. I guess it is just an age-old illness we all have. And there still ceases to be any remedy for it. 

Scientific research has highlighted that people who are generally more optimistic are less susceptible to massive heart attacks, which are a major killer worldwide. Besides, how people respond to their partners’ success and significant accomplishments is a superior indicator of their marital relationship status. As you can notice, simply being positive exhibits a multitude of perks. It should be the ideal way to live a fully enriched life!

Despite the uncontrollable and obscene amount of chaos and distress we are currently living in, embracing the twinkling luminosity of positivity should be our heavenly abode. Being positive and appreciating the delicate little things in life can be a haven from the tribulations that our new way of life brings us.

As the days pass by, I always make sure to rejuvenate the sparkle in my eyes whenever I envision all my blessings in disguise. And you should too.

Featured image via Thiago Schlemper on Pexels


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