How To Spot A True “White Boy” By His Dating App Photos

white boy

In a world where the basic white girl is incredibly publicized for the pictures she posts on Instagram, the basic white boy skirts by. Rarely do we talk about his laughable antics. You know, the typical white male who was raised with money and has had a great life full of friends, sports, and privilege. It’s really not hard to spot them on social media or on dating apps. 

Most notably among their identifiers is their choice of pictures. Have you ever noticed the trend almost all white boys follow when it comes to the pictures they post to their dating profiles? These white boys always mock us, white girls, so it’s about damn time we call them out for their own basic behavior.

Here are the 8 white boy Tinder pics you’ve definitely seen: 

1. Picture of a pet (if they have one)

We understand that having a pet, especially a dog, is highly admirable. But enough of posting pictures of just your animal or only of you and your pet. Like, do you care about anyone else other than your pet? Do you even have friends or family?

2. Picture in a suit

Who do you think you are, Barney Stinson? I get that you want to show us that you know how to get dressed up, but good Lord, give it up. Oh, and if they are striking some kind of pose making them look like a thug, good chances they aren’t one. #weddingszn

3. #Wonderlust

If he’s really a basic boy, he definitely has at least one photo of him on vacation or traveling the world. It could be a picture of him hiking on a cliff, swimming in an ocean, or even with the national animal of a country. But he wants you to know he’s rich enough to have traveled (even if mommy and daddy paid for it). Don’t be impressed.

4. The classic cotty pic

Sure, he wants to show us he enjoys the outdoors. But at a cottage where it’s really glamorous, camping (a.k.a. glamping) doesn’t always count. Bonus points if it’s a picture of him and his friends on a dock or on a boat. There’s always at least one of those. 

5. The kid is not my son

Ah, the classic picture with a niece or nephew that is usually accompanied by the quote “not mine” or “dad in training.” We get he’s trying to show us his sensitive side and that he is good with kids, but this dude needs to stop exploiting other people’s kids for likes and matches.

6. Saturdays are for the boys

Almost every single basic white boy on Tinder is bound to have a picture of him hanging out with his friends. They could be at a music festival, a club, or on a wild vacation. But they’re guaranteed to have at least one picture with their bros. We get it — you have friends! And which one are you in that pic anyway?

7. The big catch fish pic

Listen guys, not many girls give a care in the world if you caught a big fish. It’s great bragging rights, but who cares? You aren’t showing your pictures to any guys on here unless that’s who you’re attracted to. And ladies: chances are that it wasn’t even him who caught that fish.

8. GTL

Okay, so you watched Jersey Shore as a kid and adapted the lifestyle of going to the gym to become beefed up… No one wants to see your body at the gym or in a changeroom mirror unless you have the body of Calvin-Klein era Mark Wahlberg. It just seems so cringey and self-centered when you include it (unless you are a personal trainer or professional athlete, we don’t care to see your arrogant selfies).

These trends are very basic and popular. Now that you think about it, most of those guys have at least 6 of the 8 listed on their pics, if not more if they combined them in a few. So ladies, don’t feel bad about posting your fancy dinners and girls nights or showing off that new highlighter than gives you life. At least our lives look more legit than these desperate fools looking for our love and attention.

Featured image via Lishi on WeHeartIt



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