Hilarious #BadToastsForTheNewYear To Avoid At Midnight

The day has finally come: It’s the last day of the decade! While most of us reflect on the past and remain hopeful for the future, a lot of us also look forward to our plans to ring in the new year. Many of us will go to a party at a club or at a friend’s house. How about getting all your girlfriends together in a Limo Find limousine and heading straight to a men’s strip club or a casino for a fun night?

And although a night out comes with many responsibilities, nothing can be more stressful than coming up with a toast to have with your friends.

Sadly, there’s a lot of pressure to come up with a good toast to set the mood off right! You want some humor, some heartfelt, and a whole lot of honesty. But it’s easy to fail when trying to come up with a good one.

And thanks to the trend #BadToastsForTheNewYear that’s trending on Twitter, here are some good ideas on what to avoid (or maybe include) that are downright hilarious:

Sure, we might whisper this to our friends at any point in the night when you see people you don’t recognize. But I’d avoid including this in a speech.


Aha, aren’t we all?


This reference will never get old.

What a way to end the night…

So, keep all of these #BadToastsForTheNewYear in mind as the ball drops this year and try your best to avoid saying them. I know they’re funny, but you don’t want to ruffle any feathers- especially when someone you really don’t like is going to be there.

But… Here’s to a year of great year full of great health, unlimited wealth and everything in between!

How do you plan to toast the new year? Share ideas with us in the comments or on social media!

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