21 Signs You & Your BFF Are The Modern-Day Nicole And Paris

When you have a genuine friendship, it’s usually one of the goofiest, most light-hearted relationships. Together, you can be giddy and fun or serious and emotional. But at the end of the day, you simply have a blast doing anything with your partner-in-crime by your side. In fact, some people may even look at you, laugh, roll their eyes, and call you two idiots. Look at it this way, though; you two might just be the modern-day Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton.

How can you and your bestie tell if you’re lovable, goofy idiots? Well, here are some definitive ways to know.

You always have the most fun shopping together and hyping each other up.


Even if your compliments may seem a little strange.

You’ve had a bit too much fun ordering at a fast food restaurant… and gone a bit overboard.



Cuddling with your bestie is a must!


Who needs a man when you have her?

You’ve dragged your BFF out to get your mom’s groceries.

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Probably because you didn’t know what you were getting and needed help.

You’ve sabotaged at least one of each others’ dates.

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Especially if your bestie instincts knew that he wasn’t good for her.

You sometimes tease her just to be annoying.


Your BFF may feel frustrated for a little bit, but they get over it quickly and annoy you right back.

Causing trouble is your favorite hobby!


And you don’t even regret it.

The club is never ready for your sick moves.


You’re so similar that you even dance the same (and your moves are pretty great, if you do say so yourself).

She’s your go-to girl for pocket change.


And if your BFF has what you need, she busts out that change purse super quickly.

You’ve been hungover AF on public transit.


And it was not hot. Not at all.

You read her texts without shame.


You have to stay informed about your bestie’s life… even if you’re a little invasive.

You plan on moving out together.


And everyone, especially your parents, is frightened for you.

You’re always optimistic about your endeavors together.


Even when everyone already knows you shouldn’t be.

You always have your BFF’s back when trouble arises.


And she always has yours.

Road trips together are always a sh*t show!


Even when you have a GPS, something bad always happens.

You both hate the same people.


It’s an unwritten rule of friendship.

You call your bestie about any slight inconvenience that occurs in your life.


And, you are overly dramatic in the process.

You say dumb things all the time… but she gets them.

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And she always goes along with them, too.

You both secretly just want sugar daddies because neither of you know what the f*ck you’re doing.

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It’s literally your dream.

You’ve both considered becoming strippers at some point, just to make some money.


Are you even friends if you haven’t?

You know that you’re both doomed when you start having kids.

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Because you’d both do silly things like this and laugh about it for hours (and years) after.

If you can relate to any of these, congratulations! You deserve a reality TV show because you two are a hoot and a half! You know how to have fun, to not take life too seriously, and to stay devoted to each other. Heck, even if you look like idiots, you don’t even care because at least you aren’t doing it alone! Plus, you’re making awesome memories along the way, so who cares if you look a little dumb?

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