21 Women Share Why Most Men Are Bad in Bed

Some men truly believe they are a true gift in bed. When it comes to having sex, these types of men honestly believe they are a true gift to this world and that any woman would be lucky to sleep with them. They treat it like it’s an honor. The reality is a lot of men are nothing but cocky, selfish and ignorant people in the bedroom and their performance isn’t even that great.

Luckily I’m not the only one with this strong opinion. Women on Twitter have been voicing the same concerns and jokes that I have.


Let’s be honest, they aren’t hitting us in a good position! They’re just killing our legs and our muscles just can’t handle it. And to think they actually think they’re doing that good of a job…

If guys actually do this, they’re trash.

Why is there such a double standard when it comes to giving and receiving oral sex? And why is it that women always go without but it’s expected for us to do it every time? It should be about equality.

What is the big fixation about filming the person they’re are having sex with?


They’re always so game to shove something in an anus but they certainly don’t want to be the recipient.

This Ted Talk is one I need to attend more often.

Fingering really doesn’t do anything for anyone.


Size isn’t everything, and any woman will tell you otherwise because we’ve all had those experiences.

Oddly enough it’s true. They’re usually the best in bed! However, they suck at everything else. So that still makes them semi bad in bed just because they can’t even have a normal conversation.


Will this ever change? Who knows. But I honestly hope it will one day.

Honey, it ain’t a secret. We all know.

Okay, so this isn’t about their performance in the bedroom. But it does show that they’re sensitive little creatures and not the mocho man who could pound you to the next town like he advertises.


This is so relatable, I can’t.

This pillow oddly always appears, yet always leads to being uncomfortable after sex, and that’s not cool.

And they always say “you like that?” when they do the repetitive routine they always do in bed.

They always want your nudes and when you finally cave and send them one, this ALWAYS happens.

Are there men like this really out there?

This isn’t about how shit they are in bed, but can we agree that they all have a flag on their wall that we stare at out of boredom?

No one knows you better than your toy, let’s be honest here.


CAN I GET AN AMEN? They don’t know how to work a woman’s body, yet they know how to operate heavy machinery. I don’t get their logic.

First of all, most men really do think you’re a freak if you do and mainly cuz you are. But second, the joke at the end of this tweet was too funny not to share, even if it doesn’t prove some men are bad in bed. This is just funny in general.

Now, I’m not saying all men are terrible in bed because some are great performers that actually know what they’re doing. They are kind of like a good sale, really hard to come across but super rewarding and satisfied once you experience the rush it provides.

So ladies, strive to find someone who will actually please you for once instead of letting them pump for 30 seconds and finish without even touching you. Take a note from these 21 women and make sure you are satisfied too.

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  1. oh! the common female rant, it always amazes me how it seen as a normal and even “amazing” thing to be as childish as this.

    Like: you always criticise everithing, but when you get critiziced you get ofended.

    I don”t doubt that some man shurely are bad or just clumsy in bed, but what you forget is that also happens whit woman.

    ahh but when a man says it “sexist! you only care about that? grow uup! women are to be loved , not jusged about their performance in bed!”.

    Truly more than woman talks, this are child talks, that feel better complaining between them.

    • Alright- to start off: a huge portion of why so many men aren’t good in bed is because there is a stigma around telling them what you’re actually into. There is this idea that the other person is a mind reader who already knows what to do. Like, no, if you want anything good you gotta tell them everything you like. Although there is another side to it- some men are genuinely dicks who don’t care about giving pleasure, they only care about receiving pleasure. Second: I see you on soooooo many posts trying to seem like you know what you’re talking about. Stop being pretentious. Third: I do agree that it happens some with women too, but that’s no excuse to say “all women”. Whoever hurt you did it so bad that now its borderline funny to see your rants and how you think you’re right. Seriously though, dude, ya gotta stop with the bullshit and move on.

      • 19 out of 20 men suck so bad in sex, it’s not a misunderstanding. They simple think it’s okay to finish in under 4 minutes without any foreplay. You think it’s going to keep going and you’ll be able to guide him towards something better, but… you finish early is to go and dump all of your sexual energy out and deplete yourself right out of the gate. What it is, is selfish and not caring about her. He realizes that he can just do ahead an orgasm himself, and that he got what he wanted out of it, and he’s done! Bomb. I think thoughts like, “why did I ever bother to shave my legs and get undressed?”

  2. I like a flat pancake pillow lol.
    I have always been the priority in bed and my needs always were first. Now that I’ve remarried I am last and very seldom do I get pleased.He is priority.

  3. well.. if men get their knowedge about sex and how to please the women from porn there is no wonder they suck those days :ddd

    Sorry but porn has nothing to do with good sex for a woman. These girls on the screen are usually drugged, so that they don’t have trauma from disgusting, harsh sex with some random guy. They don’t fucking enjoy it as we don’t enjoy any of it.

    So start finally learning sex in real life guys

  4. Most women say most men suck in bed….until they have an affair. Then it’s the best mind blowing sex ever….until they get caught. Then the male affair partner was bad in bed to.


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