Social Media & Mental Health Make Millennials The Loneliest Generation

Being lonely is a feeling that no one wants to experience. The research done by YouGov discovered that millennials feel like they are the loneliest generation. YouGov did a study that included 1,254 adults all over the age of 18 and up. In the breakdown of each generation, they found that Millennials had the highest percentage (30%) of feeling lonely. However, Generation X and Baby Boomers had lower percentages at 20% and 15%, respectively. Many of them stated they were not lonely, but that they would like more social interaction.

With this research in mind, YouGov did more digging in order to find the reason behind it. As a result, they found that one out of five people in the millennial group didn’t have any friends at all (not including family members and partners). Conversely, the research found that 70% of them said they had at least one best friend in their lifetime. Overall, they all seem lonely.

“New friends can be formed at any life stage. “

With all the data that was gathered, YouGov and the University of Pennsylvania found the connection. Social media usage and mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, social isolation) link directly to why the millennial generation feels so lonely. They even found that social isolation can cause physical changes such as chronic inflammation.

Hence, if you are on social media and get into a “scrolling” phase, and your mood drops, it is best to get off and restart your mind. If you feel lonely or go through such phases, try meeting new people so that you can break that vicious cycle. Moreover, find new hobbies and activities that can help you meet new people, e.g. support groups, book clubs, or sports teams. Nevertheless, if you still need help, get a qualified therapist who can help you with managing your stress and anxiety.

For anyone who wants/needs to seek more information about mental health and learn how to manage it, contact the numbers and websites below.

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