Guacamole: A Never Ending Love Story

Guacamole is one of the foods that literally amps up every dish. Okay, well maybe not literally. Last time I checked cereal and guac don’t go well together (but I’d be curious to see someone make that happen). With summer around the corner, be prepared for a ton of pool parties, day drinks, weekend getaways, and other social functions involving food. Consider guacamole as a guilt-free dip that’s good for you, good for any party, and gives you a reason to hit Chipotle. Need I say more?

Beautiful Skin

Believe it or not, beautiful skin doesn’t come in a jar of over-priced cream. For true beauty that radiates from the inside out, it all comes down to what you eat. Guacamole is one of the best foods to reveal healthy skin that’s blemish-free, soft, and glowing. The healthy fat in avocados helps build collagen to keep skin firm. Even if you’ve pulled an all-nighter, a diet that consistently includes avocado-rich foods like your beloved guac will definitely help you look less tired. Wouldn’t we all want to use a little less concealer in the morning?

Less Belly Fat

For a long time in the diet world, we used to think fat made us fat. Now we realize that fat isn’t totally evil, but rather the kind of fat you eat matters much more—so don’t reach for those cheese fries or ice cream quite yet! Eating healthy, monounsaturated sources of fat from time to time can actually REDUCE belly fat, improve heart health, and keep you lean. Nuts, seeds, and of course guacamole definitely fall into this category. Indulge in some guacamole at a party, tailgate, or girls’ night. You’ll have fun and burn fat with a food you won’t feel guilty about eating.

Unites Health Freaks and Non-Health Freaks

If you’re a health freak (or just a general freak) like me, you’ll definitely notice when a party or social event doesn’t line up with your dietary and eating habits. Too many times I’ve been to parties or fancy dinners and worried I wouldn’t be able to eat anything. Thankfully, guacamole is a magical food that miraculously unites health freaks and non-health freaks. Healthy eaters love how rich this dish is in Vitamins A and C as they eagerly dip their fancy gluten-free rice crackers in it. Even your human garbage disposal friends who practically eat everything in sight will love a creamy side of guac with those GMO-ridden corn chips. In other words, guacamole is a perfect meeting of the foodie and non-foodie minds.

Jazzes Up Any Protein

Most people simply eat guacamole with a handful of tortilla chips or veggies. But this is amateur hour if you ask me. Guacamole is great because it can be used in a variety of dishes. I personally love adding a dollop of guac to lean cuts of protein like chicken, steak, and fish/seafood. You can even mash up some avocados as a healthy alternative to mayo. It’s a simple way to add flavor, burn fat, and make your skin glow.

Easy to Make

And that’s another thing; did I mention it’s simple? Even total idiots like Kim Kardashian probably know how to make a decent bowl of guac. Simply chop some avocado, add a little tomato, cilantro, and lime juice and you’ve got a basic guacamole everyone will love. Some recipes call for onion, garlic, and jalapeños, but ultimately do what works for you!

Gives You a Reason to Go to Chipotle More

Do I really need to even explain this last one? College isn’t college without at least a weekly Chipotle run. If you’re watching calories, hold off on the cheese and sour cream. But definitely leave some room for a healthy side of guacamole. Chipotle actually does a pretty good job of selling not-so-crappity-crap, and if you have to eat fast food this is one of the best choices. Besides the grass-fed beef and coma-inducing burritos, guacamole is definitely a reason for an around-the-clock Chipotle sesh.

Done the right way, guacamole can definitely be part of a healthy diet that keeps your figure trim, your hair shiny, and your skin acne-free. Once you start eating guac, you’ll never go back. It is a never-ending love story.

Featured image via Valerie Hinojosa on Flickr


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