5 Interesting Health Benefits That Come With Being Married

Back in the day, getting married in your early 20s was practically a societal expectation. Marriage was a necessary institution that provided security and love. Most people frowned upon having children out of wedlock. But these days, marriage has become an option. We believe that it ruins love because it turns relationships into a legally-binding contract.

However, we should see marriage as little more than a transaction. It’s a beautiful decision that we shouldn’t take lightly. Blending two families into one is born out of pure love and devotion. Getting married is not only a sign of commitment, but it also has some surprising benefits.

So, in honor of National Decide To Be Married Day, check out these five interesting health benefits that marriage provides.

1. Longer Life

Recent research suggests that marriage can add up to 10 years to your life! If this alone doesn’t convince you to tie the knot, I don’t know what will. Growing old alongside your partner decreases your risk of premature death. Therefore, as long as your marriage is stable and happy, you’re more likely to outlive your single friends.

2. Improved Immune System

Married people are more likely to have lower cortisol levels than their single counterparts. Doctors link higher cortisol levels with stress and impaired immune system function, so don’t be afraid to get hitched!

3. Better Mental Health

Many studies directly link poor social support with depression. Therefore, having a partner you can rely on for support decreases your risk of depression and anxiety. When someone supports and appreciates you, you feel happy, which releases serotonin, a hormone related to joy and well-being Serotonin is also the reason why we always feel happy when we’re in love.

4. Lesser Chance Of Heart Attacks

Another study performed in England suggests that marriage actually decreases your heart attack risk and increases your chances of survival if you have one. The researchers claim that support and love aid our cardiovascular system. In any case, love makes the heart grow stronger!

5. Better Sleep

While having the bed all to yourself can feel incredible, studies show that sleeping next to your loved one can positively affect your sleep. As we nod off, we can sense a familiar presence next to us, which in turn helps us feel safe. That sense of security our partner brings can increase our sleep quality. Sleeping with your partner provides many benefits… unless your spouse snores, of course!

Our generation often makes marriage seem obsolete. And that’s a shame. Vowing to spend your entire life with another person is a magical moment that deserves recognition. So, if you’re in a relationship with someone you cannot live without, marry them. Not only will you gain these five health benefits, but you’ll also share a lifetime of love.

Featured image via Vitor Pinto on Unsplash


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