4 Surprising Stores That Have Good Quality Shoes At Affordable Prices

Now that PayLess is gone, I find myself desperately searching for stores to buy high quality footwear from that won’t cause me to break the bank. Sure, I could go to a designer shoe warehouse or Marshalls or Winners, but I would still have to pay top dollar, which is not something I’m looking for.

During my search for fabulous and reasonably priced footwear, I’ve come across a few hidden gems that are available all across North America.

They’re not only affordable but also adorable.

American Eagle

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I actually discovered American Eagle’s footwear through their partnership with PayLess. From then on, I was instantly attracted to all of their shoes before even checking the price tag. Some locations don’t offer shoes in the store, but you can always buy them online. The average cost for flip flops and sandals are in the $20-24 range, but the shoes literally last forever! Plus their ankle booties for the fall and winter seasons have lasted me three years so far. On top of that, they are so comfy and durable!


The quality may not be the greatest in all of their shoes, but that depends on what you are looking for. However, if you are desperate for shoes that will last you for a season, a vacation, or a few weddings, you will always find something here. On average their shoes can either be 2 pairs for $25 of the more elegant style, or 3 for $15 for flip flops and flats. So, if they don’t last a long time, you won’t regret the purchase considering how cheap they were.

Forever 21


With online shopping becoming insanely popular, it’s hard to find a store that actually has a footwear department. Anyhow, Forever 21 has kept that a priority (even if they’ve been cutting down on plus-sized clothing sections). The quality can be hit or miss. And usually I find them lacking in some shoe style options for wide feet, but they have everything from strappy heels, flats, sandals, to running shoes. Their prices may be a bit higher than other options on this list, but the quality of the shoes is typically decent, and they are bound to last you more than a year of wear. Sandals can be found anywhere from $5 to $34, while other styles average anywhere around $29-40. Sales are the best time to buy from here!

Old Navy

Old Navy’s footwear department is rapidly growing with numerous sizes every day. Plus, they also have up to size 12 for women in stores, so their variety caters to many shapes and sizes. Obviously, the prices vary, but they do have sales all the time – shoes included! For example, their ankle booties that are perfect for going out are $54 regular price, but I’ve gotten them on sale for as cheap as $8. Plus, their flat selection is beautiful to look at with even cheaper prices averaging at about $17. And they offer wide shoes too!

Not all locations offer footwear departments in their stores anymore so we are forced to buy online. However, in these stores, you should be able to find a little selection at most locations. This way you can actually try the shoes on, and if they don’t fit, you don’t have to waste your time or money on them. Save your money on a better pair of shoes you know you’ll get more wear and tear out of. For example, a good pair of business shoes or heels, so you won’t feel as bad about spending $64 on them. Pick the ones you’ll need more so you want to spend a bit more money on them. But for everything else, be cautious to get the best bang for your buck.

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