6 Winter Outfits Ideas You Can Wear On Repeat

While the bitter cold isn’t exactly our idea of fun, the opportunity to layer our wardrobe totally is. Layers add interest to an outfit, and it feels good to unleash our inner fashionista and think of creative combinations to rock every day. Here’s the thing though—it’s often a bit difficult to make yourself look cute rather than bulky and mismatched when you’re trying to stay warm out there. Even the biggest style diva sometimes struggles to make effective outfits that don’t require a ton of planning to function. Fortunately, the whole job can be made a lot easier if you already have some ideas in mind, and we’re here to provide them.

If you need great winter outfits that you can wear whenever you like, here are some cool suggestions.

Animal print extravaganza

If you want to catch someone’s eye, wear animal print. While it’s popular right now, it’s also a timeless style that big divas have been wearing for ages. To make sure you stay unique, skip the leopard version seen everywhere  and go for snakeskin or tiger print. A cute little jacket can instantly make you the life of the party, especially if you go for an edgy vibe and pair it with black skinny pants and ankle boots. Keep the jewelry minimal when wearing any kind of animal print, it’s almost an accessory on its own, and stick to simple rings or chain necklaces. If you want to subdue this style a little, opt for a loose top and pair it with a nice pair of dark jeans that will help give  everything a little more casual vibe.

Classic elegance


Pulling off timeless elegance is basically an art form. If you do it right, you’ll become the most memorable person in your group because of your obvious fashion skills. However, it’s often a little tricky to look elegant instead of dated, so it’s necessary to add a dose of freshness to your style. Winter is a great time for tight pencil skirts that hug your hips and give you just enough sexiness to make you feel feminine, and if you pair them with some killer heels you’ll feel alluring and sophisticated. If you need a work outfit, wear this with a soft blouse and a blazer, or maybe a pullover sweater. If you want something for a party or a lunch with your friends, pair your skirt with a slim cashmere sweater or a form-fitting wrap top that shows only a hint of cleavage. Accessories are necessary, so go for tasteful women’s handbags made of supple leather that don’t have too many fussy details to them. Earrings are also a good idea, and you can actually pick a larger, more eye-catching pair that will draw attention to your face.

Bring in a little color


While most people wear dark colors in winter, it’s not actually a hard rule. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t wear bright tops and cardigans if that’s your jam. So why not find something in a soft lavender shade, or maybe something pink or mint green? Here’s a fun idea: Put a pale green blazer over a white cotton tee, paired with jeans or maybe a miniskirt. If you want something that’s a little closer to the winter palette but that still isn’t black, go for grey, or dark red.  Or, why not go for nude? White jeans and a warm nude-colored sweater on top, with brown ankle boots to match. If the weather is dry, there’s no reason not to wear pale colors, and the fact that you dared to show up in white pants will definitely turn heads.

Thigh-high boots for a dose of sexy

You deserve to wear thigh-high boots at least once in your life. You simply deserve that giant boost of confidence that makes you feel like a fabulous diva. Luckily, tall boots are very much trendy during winter, and they’ll make any little black dress look ten times cooler. Knit dresses are also a good idea, and all you need is a good leather bag to match and you’re good to go. If thigh-high is a bit too much, feel free to pick something that reaches your knees but  make sure it’s leather. Nothing like leather boots to make a gal feel like a true femme fatale.

Cinch in the coat


Coats tend to look a lot sleeker and more polished than puffy jackets, and this year, long coats are really trendy. To make them look even more modern, use a big, wide belt to cinch them in at the waist. This works best on those really dramatic coats that flare at the bottom, and they really bring the drama to your fashion game. Remember, if your outerwear looks polished, it means you’ll look effortlessly good every day.

Now’s the time for tights


How do you turn a monotone outfit into a fun one? Easy—add a pair of brightly-colored tights. A simple, neutral skirt and shirt combo can be upgraded if you slip into hosiery with an interesting print. If you’re wearing all solid black clothing it can look a little boring so adding a pop of color brings your outfit to life.

Don’t let the weather get in the way of your creativity! Try these practical tips and let your fashion thrive despite the cold.

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