4 Reasons I’m Happy I Chose To Have Plastic Surgery

When people hear the words plastic surgery, they think of boobs, butt, and facial reconstructions. However, people may have surgery for other reasons. Because of a specific medical condition, I chose to have cosmetic plastic surgery, and it has changed my life for the better.  

Here are 4 ways that plastic surgery positively impacted my life:

1. It improved my daily life.

Besides the constant pain I experience, many other things happen to my body that others may not notice. In my case, the worst thing was not being able to close my mouth. Chewing was very hard, and controlling my mouth movements was very difficult at times. Getting cosmetic jaw surgery helped me close my mouth whenever I wanted to.

2. It improved how I felt about myself.

Before I got this life-changing surgery, I experienced low self-esteem. Growing up, I learned to love myself, but like most people, I always had the one thing I wanted to change. I could not hide my face, which made school unbearable. In 11th grade, I finally got surgery. I looked different, and everyone saw that my mood lightened up. My smile became much bigger and brighter.

3. It changed how I looked at the plastic surgery field as a whole.

Not all surgeries are for appearances only. There are many cases where plastic surgery is critical for medical reasons. Most doctors I spoke to prefer doing plastic surgery on those who needed it, not just for people who want to look like a model. Some may think that I wanted surgery just to look better, but I believe I fit into both categories. It improved my daily life, and I got a new look! Please make sure you do your research ahead of time of all different breast and butt lift shapes as well as reduction shape results.

4. It changed my outlook on life.

Having a life-changing operation brought mixed of feelings. At first, part of me regretted the decision. Everyone said that I did not need the surgery and insisted that I looked fine the way I was before. That got me thinking,“Could I have lived without the surgery?” I knew the answer was yes, but deep down, I knew I really wanted this change. By choosing to have the surgery, my outlook changed. I realized that it was completely OK to make choices that are best for me, and I shouldn’t feel bad about it.

To an outsider, plastic surgery may seem either exciting and fun or unnecessary and selfish. If you are thinking about having plastic surgery, my advice would be to ignore other people’s opinions. At the end of the day, it is your choice to make, and you have to live with that choice. I hope this insight helps and shows you how plastic surgery can make your life better.

Photo by Alina Kovalchuk on Unsplash


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