7 Tips To Overcome End-Of-Semester Procrastination

Not only is exam season upon us post-secondary students, but so are those tough end-of-the-semester assignments. Many of us have to juggle several final assignments, and it can be hard to do well on all of them when you’re continuously stressed out.

Other than your unwillingness, there are other things that may get in your way of doing your assignments. The TV blaring in the next room, your younger siblings bugging you or your cat demanding to be pet just to name a few. However, with time management skills and a little help, you can conquer all your assignments right on time and most likely get good marks because you weren’t rushing to get it done.

Here are 7 tips on how to overcome assignment procrastination that will help you conquer the end of semester stress.

1. Find your comfort zone

In order to be able to concentrate you have to be comfortable. When you work with better concentration, you’re most likely to complete your assignments on time. However, at the same time, make sure that you are not too comfortable because you might just slip into a nap. I suggest working at a table with a cushioned sofa for a chair. That way, you will be cozy but not enough to feel sleepy.

Tip: Bring your desk to a location that keeps you from getting distracted.

2. Make your surrounding free of distractions

Your environment can affect your productivity. It is important that you work in an enclosed space where you can be free from frequent interruptions. Let your family know that you have some serious tasks that need to be completed and tell them not to disturb you. This way, they will leave you alone to accomplish the work you need to do.

Keep social distractions at bay by turning off your phone or keeping it in the silent mode. Also, clean your desk so that you can get whatever you need without having to rummage through a pile.

3. Create a schedule

Decide how many hours you want to devote to your assignments and the time of the day when you want to sit with them. Making a timetable before you start your assignments can help you save a lot of time; you’ll be able to manage your assignments by staying organized.

4. Prioritize

Set up a list with the most demanding tasks right on the top. Arrange them in the order of the approaching deadlines as well as the level of complexity of the task. Identify the assignments that carry more marks and arrange them in descending order and accordingly decide how much time you want to devote to that task.

When you start with the most pressing task in hand and conquer it, you get a sense of achievement and you are assured that you will be able to complete them all.

5. Divide and rule

A chunk of an assignment can seem like an impossible task that cannot be conquered. Break it down into small parts and try to complete them one at a time. If your assignment is a research paper, then divide the task into parts like planning, researching, writing, and revising. Since writing a research paper is a tedious job, you can even take one portion of it and write it. Break down the process of proofreading too.

6. Work smart

Technology and the internet have changed our lives for the better. Instead of giving all your time to solving assignments, opt to take help of the digital tools that make our lives easier. Instead of editing your verbose assignments manually, you can use editing tools to trace the grammatical errors in your assignment.

For assignments that are too lengthy, you can even use apps like Dictaphone to dictate your answers without having to type them. Several online assignment help companies provide custom assignment writing services. Rope in the professionals for the help you need.

7. Ask for help

If you are stuck with an assignment, then I suggest that you ask for help instead of neglecting the assignment altogether. If you don’t understand the topic or fail to comprehend a requirement of the assignment, then do not shy away from asking your teacher for help or clarification. As a teacher myself, I can promise you that they will be glad to help you in any way they can. Remember, your professor can’t help you once your assignment is due but leading up to the due date they can answer your questions.

I know we are all bombarded with assignments! But, it’s important you do them properly and submit them on time. At the same time, do not let the pressure take a toll on you. Try to stay relaxed and do what your health permits. While doing your final semester assignments, implement the tips listed above to tackle impossible home tasks and catch a break.

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