Women’s Fashion Is Finally Encompassing All Shades, Shapes & Preferences

When I was in high school, push-up and water bras were all the rage. The social and media pressures we felt to look a certain way wasn’t any less intense back then, and our consumer culture always offered us yet another way to achieve that buxom look. Our drawers full of tight g-strings and poorly-fitting bras served a purely aesthetic purpose, unlike the hygienic, supportive ones we should have worn.

Despite the Insta-driven society we live in today and all of the filters we use to present ourselves in an altered light,  the world of women’s underwear has begun to prioritize comfort again. Of course, I still shiver at the mention of uncomfortable, pinching push-up bras, a wave of feminine comfort has taken the world by storm, and I love it.

Activewear with the right foundation

I love leggings. In fact, I love them so much that if I could, I’d wear them to work every darn day and then change into another pair when I got home. Then, I’d sleep in yet another pair, preferably a lightweight, cotton one with a funky pattern to keep things interesting. And I’m not alone. Women wear tights, leggings, tank tops, and sneakers of all sorts to a range of different events and occasions, none of which are the gym.

Rihanna’s lingerie collection is one of the more recent results of this wave of athleisure love. It represents an empowering sentiment that most modern garments lack: comfort and style, no matter what. If we feel liberated, we can move, breathe, work, laugh, and live. That is why so many women today opt for sports bras, rather than for the classic push-up bra. Athleisure not only fits our boobs and bottoms, but our new, empowered mindset as well.

Make yourself comfortables

When I was a teen, I rarely felt comfortable on dates. Jeans were low-rise, bras and tees were too tight, and don’t even get me started on the uncomfortable shoes. I often resent that I didn’t wear underwear that actually would have given me confidence, let me dance how I please, and helped me comfortably enjoy a meal.

Now, I know the importance of choosing hygiene-friendly undies,  not just the ones with the most lace. I wish I had understood how to take good care of myself and make the right clothing choices. Over time, I’ve realized that I’d rather wear a comfortable g-string that lets my skin breathe than an uncomfortable one, and I’d gladly stick with a sports bra. Lingerie is about your comfort and your style.

Finally, our lingerie no longer exists just for sex appeal’s sake or men’s viewing pleasure. And while there’s nothing wrong with getting sexy for our partners, many brands have capitalized on this behavior by producing pretty, but uncomfortable undergarments. The less fabric, the greater the price tag.

Fashion is roaring with self-esteem nowadays, so we now have the ability to actually see adverts and brands selling to us, for us. We, as women, have finally realized that our clothing choices, are about us. Style is about your body, your skin, your health, and your comfort.

Welcome home, realitys

It’s wonderful to have something to aspire to, so if a runway filled with lean ladies gets you to stop scarfing down your late-night snacks, awesome. But, lo and behold, not every woman believes that bone-thin runway models are the answer, and naturally so. Life thrives on diversity, and fashion should reflect that.

Reality called and asked for its wrinkles, crooked smile, and cellulite back. As a result, we have a slew of brands realizing the truth: that lingerie should be made for all shades, shapes, and preferences. This is finally our reality – and it’s been a long time coming.

Featured Photo by Gabriel Nunes on Unsplash.


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