Where These Former MTV Real World Stars Are Now

The Real World was one of the most groundbreaking and revolutionary documentary series to ever air. The reality show is known for its inclusion of people from all kinds (especially underrepresented groups) and its portrayal of controversial topics.  It provided a great cultural purpose for all viewers and proved to be entertaining and educational.

While the show had a lot of pivotal moments throughout its 32 season run, it had a lot of memorable castmates that not only educated us on real issues but some became an overall fan favorite because of their likable personality or their antics. In case you’ve ever wondered what some of the shows’ memorable cast mates are up to today, here’s an update on 8 of them.

Jonna from Real World: Cancun

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Jonna is a fan favorite because of her tomboy personality, IDGAF attitude. This love triangle star is a mom to her two-year-old daughter Naleigh. She just got married last September.

Frank from Real World: San Diego

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Frank was one of the most overdramatic, hilarious, but semi-annoying housemates in history.  But his character made him memorable and lovable. Today he’s an avid traveler with his fiancée.

Erika from Real World: DC


Erika was the seasons outcast who was too fixated on her relationship from back home and ultimately left the season early. But, she is now an on-air radio personality in Cleveland. And no, she’s no longer with that boy either.

CJ from Real World: Cancun

This heartthrob was well known for his impressive looks and football scholarship that didn’t quite go through. He is now a very high demand model and even models for the Ellen Shop! And in case you’re wondering ladies, he is engaged.

Averey from Real World: Portland (And Daisy)


She was one of the most loved cast members of her season mainly due to the fact she came as a package deal with her dog Daisy. While she didn’t find love in the house with Johnny and had an epic showdown with the big bully Nia, she did find huge success in modeling and standing up to her bully.

Preston from Real World: New Orleans


This fan favorite was part of one of the most notorious feuds in Real World history with his housemate Ryan (remember the cigarettes and the toothbrush?). In 2017 he took part in a powerful essay about how after leaving the reality world he became homeless. Luckily his life has turned around and he’s very successful in his career.

Paula from Real World: Key West

This fan favorite came into our lives in 2006 as a small town girl coming to terms with her severe body image issues. Since then she’s competed in numerous The Challenge seasons, got married, became manager of a home remodeling group, and has three children.

Ryan from Real World: Brooklyn

If there’s one star that made an impact on the beloved series it’s Ryan Conklin. He enlisted in the military after 9/11 and is a two-time war veteran. As of recently, he’s gotten married and has written a book about his experience.

I wish we could have included so many more memorable strangers who were picked to live in a house together, but I don’t have that much room in a document file to include them all. Comment below which stars you want us to follow up on and we’ll include them in another article!

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