7 Fun Things You Can Do To Ring In The New Year

New Year’s Eve is a holiday that gets mixed reviews. Some people enjoy going out and partying while others think it’s just another night of the year and don’t even bother staying up until midnight. Either way, New Year’s Eve should be about what makes you happy. The majority of us have had moments where we expect something magical to happen on New Year’s Eve (thanks to all the romantic Hollywood movies out there). However, we should be the builders of our own happiness. Plan your New Year’s in a way that would guarantee a smile on your face. Don’t go looking for a stranger to kiss, or expect to bump into the one who got away, plan something out from the start that won’t disappoint. Here are seven ideas to get everyone’s New Year’s Eve plans going.

Crash a Party

New Year’s Eve is a time to meet new people and start off fresh. Crashing a party is not only fun but might also get your adrenaline pumping for a night that you won’t forget any time soon. There are so many parties happening on New Year’s Eve, it might not be too hard to find one close by. Maybe you overheard that your neighbours are throwing a party, or your classmate is hosting a NYE bash; these are all great opportunities to get out there and have a New Year’s that is different. Just remember to stay safe and don’t go into creepy houses.

Take It Outside

If you don’t like crowds, I would not recommend going to see the fireworks downtown, but they are bound to be somewhere else in the city. Do your research beforehand and see if there are any fireworks happening close to home. There is also the option of just doing fun outside activities such as stargazing or having a snowball fight (if you’re lucky to have a snowy New Year’s Eve).


Have a sleepover with all your besties like the good old days. Figure out fun games to play or create a treasure hunt to really get nostalgic about the past. Nothing seems better than watching holiday classics and eating junk food. Plus you won’t be distracted the whole night by looking for a midnight kiss because you’ll be too busy having fun with your friends.

Virtual New Year’s Eve  

If you don’t want to leave your house for New Year’s Eve, or a number of your close friends or family live abroad having a virtual New Year’s Eve bash is also an option. Have a conference call with all your loved ones. Maybe even celebrate the New Year multiple times depending on what places your friends are in.

Go to Sleep

It is just another night of the year to be honest. Use it to get some beauty rest and treat yourself to a full night’s rest. Plus you are saving the whole next day of battling sleep deprivation and ruining your sleep schedule by waking up past lunch time.

Family Time

The holidays are a great way to get all your family time in for the next couple of months. Probably nothing beats a favorite home cooked meal and being surrounded by people who actually appreciate you.


If you want to be super spontaneous, look for last minute flights out of the city. Give yourself a New Year’s adventure that you will be remembering for years to come. This one really makes you get out of your shell and be wild. And if you have “travel” as one of your New Year’s resolutions you can cross it right off.

No matter how you decide to spend your New Year’s Eve just remember that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the miracle that you were hoping for. There is always next year.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash


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