8 Relatable Moments We All Experience On New Year’s Eve

Ah, New Year’s Eve! Probably one of the silliest holidays we celebrate, don’t you think? We’re literally staying up just to applaud the Earth making another rotation around the sun. Why?

Who knows. What I do know is that we all have the exact same thoughts as we await those final seconds as we countdown just to shout, “Happy New Year!”

At first, we are determined and even excited to stay up late and celebrate this milestone of astronomy.

And, of course, we’re excited about the snacks and beverages most people include for such New Year’s Eve events.

After a while, though, things start to get pretty boring… usually around 10pm.

Wait, what happened? Did we miss it?

No, we just fell asleep on the couch then woke up to discover it’s only 10:45 and still New Year’s Eve.

Finally, it’s here! They start showing the ball dropping in Times Square on the TV!

5…4…3…2…1… Happy New Year!

After that, we’re done. It’s 12:02, time for bed.

And, added bonus if you watch the ball drop in California: Shhhhh… we’re going to ignore the fact that New Year’s Eve actually ended 3 hours ago but we live on the West Coast.

Don’t believe we all feel this way? Tell me that again tonight at 11:00pm! What plans do you have to ride in the new year? How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve? Share with us!

Featured image via Padraig Treanor on Unsplash


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