No ‘L’ Day: Your Christmas Challenge Is Not Using Any Words With ‘L’

Ho, ho, ho! Do you know what today is? Imagine it or not, today has been christened as No “L” Day.

Made as a prank on that French word for Christmas, this day is one of the many fandom days of internet humor that exist in our modern times. Nobody is quite sure where this funny day transpired, but it might make your Christmas festivities a tiny bit more humorous indeed.

Just think, how many words can you name that don’t contain that peaky consonant? How weird does it appear to never see that one character in your writing? How many of us can avoid using that funny rune by using a thesaurus?

According to, 357643 words in the American patois exist without that one consonant. So, in theory, it must be easy to avoid using that one tiny character, right?

Trust me, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Somehow, though, I’ve managed to write this little bit about today without using that one subscript.

Yes, go back and check! I didn’t use it!

Now, I encourage you to give it a try! Drop that 12th character of our rune system for the day and see what happens! Merry Christmas, and Happy No… you know what consonant Day!

Feature Image via Screengrab from “Seinfeld”


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