7 Unmentionable Thoughts We Are All Guilty Of Having

Ever wonder what someone would look like naked? Ever had a desire to key an ex’s car because they dumped you for someone less attractive? Ever been hit with a horrible mental image you just want to erase? Ever had thoughts so twisted you simply can’t share them?

Well, guess what? Today is The Festival of Unmentionable Thoughts. That’s right, today is a day to celebrate and share those dark, dirty, or disgusting thoughts with the world! What better way to celebrate than to explore just what types of thoughts we all agree are taboo?

In the spirit of The Festival of Unmentionable Thoughts, let’s explore 7 thoughts we all experience but are too terrified to share with the world.

Sometimes those unmentionable thoughts are of a… sexual nature

Other times, they just involve a ton of expletives.

We all have unmentionable thoughts when our best friend shows us who she’s checking out on Tinder because she’s that desperate.

Or, maybe it’s something too embarrassing to admit entered our mind.

Sometimes our thoughts are of a more… angry vibe, and they are too much to throw at someone with no explanation.

Other times, these intrusive thoughts are just completely sinister or inner desires of revenge.

Unfortunately, many thoughts are just unmentionable because our coworkers may call the psych ward if they knew what we were really thinking.

Sure, there’s other types of these thoughts, but we can’t mention them, now can we? What kinds of thoughts haunt you at night or make your face light up with that sinister smirk? Share them with us or on social media with the hashtag #FestivalOfUnmentionableThoughts!

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