5 Things You Can’t Control And Can Learn To Let Go

As much as we’d like to think we are in control of our lives, there are actually a lot of things we have absolutely no control over. And as much as we worry ourselves about those specific things, nothing we can do will change it so essentially we are causing ourselves anxiety and stress for no reason. It’s all about accepting the changes that be. By learning to let these things go you will find a world of a difference in your aura and overall attitude towards life.

And it all starts with the beauty of acceptance and how to use it in specific scenarios.


You can plan as many alternative routes before you leave your house but sometimes we just can’t avoid traffic as much as we want to. The second you see red lights of vehicles slowing down the stress flies out of your body and you get that sudden anger and feeling of regret and frustration. You cannot change any of it so you have to sit there and accept it. You’ll get to where you want to go eventually, and people will understand because it happens to everyone at least once a week if not more. Don’t panic because of the time crunch you’re under, just remember people will understand.


In life everything can change at the drop of a dime; change is inevitable. It’s beautiful that nothing stays the same in life, even when the changes can be really hard on you physically and emotionally. Sadly, we cannot control the changes that occur daily, whether it’s if the sun rises through the clouds or if we can get to work on time. What we can control is how we accept the changes and learn to cope with them and move forward. It’s all about the new perspectives on how to go about the changes that occur.

The Weather

As I mentioned earlier, it’s all about learning to accept the things we cannot control, and when the weather doesn’t cooperate with your vision of the day it is one of the most frustrating and upsetting feelings. When it rains on the day of your pool party or the snow prevents people from going out, don’t let it linger in your system. It’s out of your control and now you have to focus on rescheduling or making the best of the situation. Always look on the bright side when things are dull and gloomy. Just because the weather is in a torrential downpour doesn’t mean your emotions have to be too.

The Past

Life is not a movie where we can go back and say the things we didn’t get a chance to say or change the way things were done. Whatever went on then is out of your control now. So now you just have to live with what it was and move on from it in whatever way is suitable to your situation. It’ll hurt at times, but there’s nothing you can do to really change it. Whether you dwell on the embarrassing stories or leave the uncomfortable confrontations to boil, as long as you figure out a way to use these memories productively, do what you can to get over it as best you can.

Other People

As much as you’d like to, you cannot take charge of someone else’s thoughts and feelings. You can’t try to change someone’s opinion with your own because you think it’s what’s right for them. You tried convincing them for hours and they aren’t moving from their stance so move on and get over it. Anything they think or feel is out of your control. And if they are telling you a lot of their problems and you feel it suffocating you, you also have to let it go because it doesn’t really affect you and it’s causing issues in your mind for no reason. You have to accept they feel this way, try and talk them through it and move on with your life.

At the end of the day the only thing you have control of is yourself. You take care of yourself, you make your own decisions, use your attitude and react in the way you think fits accordingly. Otherwise, you can’t control anything else. So you have to accept it, let it sink in for a while if you must, and move on in order to get over it. There’s no sense in letting things fester and ruin your day, especially if you can’t control. I’m not saying not to care, because sometimes they affect us in a huge way and it’s not natural too, just learn how to think on the bright side and come up with a plan B to get you over the situation effectively.

It is not in your control to change it but it is in your control of how to react to it.

Featured image via Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash



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