16 Throwback Britney Spears Songs That Are Perfect For The Summer

Do you know that Oops!… I Did It Again proved that there’s life on Mars? Remember when If You Seek Amy ended Fox news? Has your English teacher informed you that the word “bitch” is now an official pronoun, thanks to Gimme More? Yes, you read that right. Britney Spears’ songs are just that impactful.

Summer can be  tough, especially when you’ve had so many issues before this supposed-to-be-fun season. Good news! Britney Spears’ musical catalog has everything you need, and these 16 songs will bring justice to your perfect summer. You can thank me later, ‘cause now you need a lesson.

  1. Be 3 times bolder

Do something different. In this song, Britney may talk about having a three-way love situation, but the point is that you need to be brave enough to do extraordinary things that are out of your comfort zone.Explore yourself. Just for fun and nothing meant.

  1. Work B**ch, for your body and your money

Summer is never a one-day buzz. Meaning, you still have the right to prepare your bikini body and earn those dollars to spend. Don’t stop now, just be the champion! Britney chants in her British accent that to have it all, you better work, b**ch.

  1. Get lost in love with Toxic

If you fall for someone after you first lock eyes with them, don’t fight it. Maybe, you can finally taste their lips. Baby, give me it.

  1. Get further lost in love with I’m A Slave 4 U

You can’t get him out of your mind, can you? The voices in your head scream, “I cannot hold it, I cannot control it.” Am I right? It’s normal, darling. Just go with it. Get it get it, get it get it?

  1. Host a wild Slumber Party

Let’s get ready to party this summer!  Time to put on our music that makes us go f*cking crazy!

  1. Glorify The Days with Kill The Lights

You never know, this year could be your last summer. I’m talking about the possibility of you moving out to the North Pole or someplace where summer doesn’t really exist. Capture all of your fun summer moments. Most importantly, tell your friends “make sure you catch me from my good side.” Your future kids need to know how cool their parents were.

  1. (Quickly) Break The Ice

Baby, I can make you feel hot. No tension. Get loose.

  1. Please him… and yourself with a little Showdown

After the screaming’s at an end, why don’t we do it all again?

  1. Start something sensational with Make Me…

This song is the romantic homerun you need in your life this summer. There’s no way we’re hiding away from this tonight. Only when you’re ready.

  1. Get your ex the f*ck out of your life with Don’t Go Knockin’ On My Door

Gotta stay away for sure. Which words here don’t you understand?

  1. Make his world falls apart like Shattered Glass

It’s not anyone’s prerogative to ruin your summer. What happened in the past stays in the past. Now, you have to move on. Be the better version of yourself. He’d wish he could rewind time and take it back. When he wants you back, you’ll know you’ve slayed.

  1.   Stick it to the haters with Do Somethin’

Only rocks on what’s real. Do what defines you. Don’t pretend. If people look at you like you’re some kind of freak, confront them, saying “Get up out of your seat. Why don’t you do somethin’?”

  1.   If U Seek Amy, people!

This is the weapon you can use against people who judge you for what you do, what you wear, and everything you are. Sing this anthem of ours loud and proud this summer!

  1.   Tell ‘em you love ‘em with Heaven on Earth

You must have those crazy, weird,  annoying people that still light up your life with their ridiculousness. Turn up this track as loud as you can and tease them. Don’t know what I’d do if I ever lose you.

  1.   Tell him to hit you …Baby One More Time

When I’m not with you, I lose my mind. Give me a sign. Hit me baby, one more time. Try to speak your heart out… just like Britney does in that Catholic school girl outfit. Iconic!

  1. Dance Till The World Ends

If you feel it, let it happen. Keep on dancin’ till the world ends.

If these songs can’t make your summer memorable and help you live out all your #summergoals, then I don’t know what else will. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the season. In the name of Britney, I pray. Amen.

Featured image via Britney Spear’s Toxic


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