All Hail Jessica Day: What New Girl Taught Us About Thanksgiving

Welcome to Thanksgiving, the start of holiday season and a time to embrace the awkwardness and try your best to have some fun. If there’s nothing else that New Girl has taught us, it’s that life is what you make it. From sitting at the dinner table wondering when it will all be over to trying to focus on the pumpkin pie rather than the millions of questions you’re being asked, I wish you all the best.

1. It’s the time to be thankful for another chance to redo last Thanksgiving.


Here’s to hoping not to re-live another awkward family dinner.

2. Things can get pretty complicated in the kitchen.


So stick to hanging out on the couch and watching football.

3. You can’t successfully focus on a conversation with all the delicious smells hitting you in the face.


Because small talk with all the people you try to avoid all year never gets easy.

4. There’s always that awkward moment before the food is ready where you get stuck answering questions about your non-existent job, boyfriend, and diploma.


Now’s the time to lie. Embrace your rich, married, 32-year-old alter ego.

5. But right when you think it can’t get any worse, the food arrives.


There is a God.

6. You’ll always get stuck sitting next to the person that you’ve been avoiding the most.


You might as well tell them how you really feel.

7. And as you look around the table, you realize that these are the weirdest people you’ve ever met.


These people get weirder every single year.

8. Before the end of the night there’s a good chance you will eat way too much and get sassy with one too many family members, which ruins your chances at a good Christmas present.


Is it time to go black Friday shopping yet?

Whereas Thanksgiving might not be the most glamorous holiday of the year, New Girl has taught us that it’s one of the most important. Not only do we get to eat too much delicious food and watch football all day, we get a whole day to get closer with family and friends. We may not be thrilled about it at the time, but years from now we’ll look back at our dysfunctional family dinners and smile.

Featured image via New Girl on Instagram


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