5 Social Media Etiquette Tips Every Wedding Guest Needs To Know

From the time we were young children our parents instilled in us some essential etiquette and forced well manners down our throats, especially when it came to weddings. However, with the growth of social media, the traditional ways just don’t cut it anymore. Weddings should be an intimate celebration, and with the way our lifestyles are these days people are quick to post every piece of information as soon as they can without thinking of the people it affects. Some brides and grooms will be offended!

Here is the most important wedding social media etiquette:

Don’t Post Pictures of the Bride and Groom to Instagram or Facebook Until After They Post Something About the Wedding First

The best social media behavior starts with knowing when it’s time to start posting. Picture it this way: you wouldn’t want anyone to get a glimpse of you in your dress before you walk down the aisle. Well most brides want to be the first one to showcase their dress to the world via social media. So give her that moment! Once you see she’s posted a picture of her and her groom, go nuts with pics of the bride and groom! Then she’ll love it!

Please Note: You can post pictures from your experience at the celebration as soon as you want, just be courteous of the couple.

Feel Free to Post Pictures From Your Wedding Day Experience… But Don’t Forget to Use the Right Hashtag

Most weddings these days include a unique hashtag so they and guests can collectively look at the pictures online in one destination (before the official wedding album goes online for everyone to view). If you’re going to post anything on social media be sure to use the hashtag! It’s extremely personable for the event, and the bride and groom probably put a lot of time into it. It’s rude not to use it.

Be Mindful of Posting Pictures of the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

The lucky two kids were chosen for their roles more than likely because they hold a special relationship with the couple. And although they look adorable, please refrain from posting. I’m assuming it’s a daunting task (shout out to my Aunt Sue and Uncle Aaron for snubbing me on that honor) when you’re that young and the kids might be freaked out by it all. Plus their parents wouldn’t want random pictures of their children on the internet.

Be Respectful of Other Guests

If someone’s uncle got extremely inebriated, don’t post a video to Snapchat. It’s inappropriate to showcase that to random strangers, and you don’t know if that individual has a drinking problem or not. Also, don’t post videos of random people dancing funny. Obviously, they’re having a great time, and are comfortable enough to let loose truly. Respect their wishes and refrain from any online bullying/rude comments.

Choose Your Captions Wisely

Although it seems like a no-brainer, this is a common content mistake. Unless you are extremely close with the bride and groom and have that kind of relationship with them, refrain from posting inside jokes as much as possible. You might find it funny, and a great memory, but those who may be outside of the loop may not think so. Plus, jokes might not come across as the way you intend them to.

Obviously, not all couples want people to be on their phones during the ceremony or reception so please respect that wish and be present with the party. If the couple goes out of their way to make this semi-embarrassing request to their guests, it’s clear it’s important to them so you should respect their wishes. Be the kind of wedding guest you’d want someone to be like at your wedding.

Featured image by Alavro CvG from Unsplash. 


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