7 Activities You Should Do To Ease Your Anxiety

People tend to forget that anxiety disorders are not just a trend in the mainstream.  According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America over 40 million people in the United States suffer from some form of anxiety that prevents them from doing simple tasks every day. It is considered the most common in adults 18 and older.

Anxiety disorders are treatable. However, only around 36 percent of people who suffer from it look for professional treatment from a doctor. There are things you can do each day to help ease the anxiety.  Here are a few activities to help you.


Let your inner creative side out while trying to relieve anxiety. It has been proven that creating art helps reduce anxiety. Do some painting, drawing, or pottery.  Creating art enables you to concentrate and focus on yourself.


Yoga is a natural reliever of anxiety and even helps with depression. Yoga acts as a reliever assisting the person in focus and meditate. There are amazing poses that help specifically with relieving anxiety. It’s an easy way to incorporate into your daily routine and you can do from home.


Believe it or not, cooking helps with anxiety. The act of cooking and eating healthier has been proven to help with daily anxiety. Making a dinner every night or every other night can help ease anxiety.


One easy and fast way to combat anxiety issues is exercising. Exercising helps provide alertness and concentration to eliminate stress. A few hours a day or in a week can improve your anxiety and lifestyle.


When was the last time you sat down and read an actual book? Most people say they don’t have time, but in honesty they do. Reading can help reduce stress levels by 60 percent. It’s an easy way to combat anxiety.


Writing is an easy way to relieve anxiety nothing like getting all the feeling out on a piece of paper and the creative flow. It doesn’t have to be a poem or a novel; some journaling can go a long way. Writing your thoughts enables you to focus your thoughts and get fears and stress out of your mind. Just a couple of minutes a day can help in the long run.

These are some ways to help ease your anxiety. Living with anxiety can be scary but know that you are not alone. There are others who also face the same fears. Finding help is a critical step to relieving your anxiety make sure to contact a professional and seek help.

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