9 Ways You Can Find Your Dream Job Through Social Media

It is a difficult time to be a graduate. With more competition in the job industry and a tough economy, graduates need to do all that they can to have the edge over everyone else. Social media offer such an opportunity.

Sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, allow employers to verify the facts on resumes and get a glimpse of who the job seeker is outside a cover letter or an interview. It also gives the job seeker a chance to learn about the organizations they are interested in, find out about job openings, and get in touch with potential employers.

So, as a graduate, how can you use technology and social media to find your dream job? Here are 9 strategies.

  1. Broaden Your Network

Use social media to network with influential people and professionals working for the companies that you want to work in. Your contacts will inform you of any job openings or refer you to people who are plugged into the business. They can also advise you on how to make yourself a strong candidate for the job that you are seeking. Work on creating active social networks and an excellent online profile that showcases your skills and experiences in the industry.

  1. Supplement Your Resume

Your LinkedIn and Google+ profiles should have more than just your resume. Use your profile to illustrate the totality of your work experience. You can add a PowerPoint presentation with images, diagrams, and other visual tools to demonstrate what you are working on. Alternatively, you can add a video to exhibit your accomplishments and projects.

Traditional resumes do not offer a lot of room for explanation. Use your LinkedIn profile to elaborate on your goals, experiences, and achievements. You can also add recommendations to your profile so that potential employers can have someone to verify your credibility.

  1. Build Your Profile

Social media is one of the principle means of communication today. And since a lot of that interaction is public, it is no surprise that some recruiters and hiring managers incorporate social media into their hiring process. These managers go through your social media profile to evaluate your personality and character. Most of them will want to find out if you are a good fit for the company’s culture, or to look for reasons as to why they should not hire you.

For this reason, ensure that your profile is professional and highlights your achievements in a positive manner. Take down anything that seems unprofessional or offensive. Your profile photo should also be professional and present you in a positive light. Having a robust online profile will give you an advantage.

  1. Consider Separating Your Personal and Business Accounts

If you post a lot of your personal information online, you may want to separate your profiles. You can create business profiles on either LinkedIn or Twitter since they are the primary business platforms. Having a professional account will deflect attention from your profile.

  1. Be Engaged

It’s not enough to have a profile and check the news feed. You need to also engage the networking communities by participating in discussions about industry trends, sharing expertise or pointing someone to an article.

Follow the companies in your field on social media. Turn on the notifications for these accounts. Being engaged will increase your visibility and appeal to prospective recruiters.

  1. Search for Jobs

Search every site for jobs by typing the company’s name or field that you’re interested in. You can also visit the company’s website; sign up for newsletters to receive updates and job openings. You could also go through other social networks for job seekers such as Idealist.org to set up job search alerts. Doing so will inform you of new hires as they are posted. Once you find a suitable job offer, send your application along with your resume.

  1. Blog It

A personal blog is a crucial part of every job seeker. You cannot expect to stand out by emailing your resume and crossing fingers. You need to have other essential things to improve your odds and having a personal website is one of them.

Blogging about a relevant subject in your desired field will show employers that you are knowledgeable and focused. It will also show off communication skills and aptitudes such as content generation and entrepreneurship. Use your blog to build an online brand and advertise yourself to potential bosses. If you have no idea where to begin writing, get help from EssayWriterSite.Use Industry Language

When writing a cover letter, resume, blog or internet profile, you have to use jargon from your field. This will be quite useful if you want to be found by recruiters on social media. Remember to pay attention to details. Make sure that you use correct grammar. No one will take you seriously if your profile or resume is full of grammatical and spelling errors.

  1. Go to One on One Meetings

Once you’ve established a network, you can go ahead and set up meetings with professionals and business owners. These people will advise and help you through your job hunting process. They will also connect you with their contacts thus broadening your network.

Job hunting has never been a walk in the park. However, social media is an excellent tool, if used correctly, can give you access to an extensive network and new opportunities. Many people have lost job opportunities for misusing the internet. Therefore, graduates must learn how to use technology to their advantage. With the strategies discussed above, graduates will discover how to manage social media and land their desired jobs.

Have you used social media to land your dream job? What strategies worked for you?

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