7 Things You’ll Truly Miss About Living With A Roommate

Next year marks my last year as an undergraduate college student, and I finally get to be an RA (Resident Assistant). I am beyond excited about this and can’t wait to begin this journey. However, that also means I will never have another college roommate. But, that’s okay because the one I have now is amazing, so it’s a good note to end on. I could never have a better roommate. There are some things I am going to miss, though.

  1. Having someone to greet you after a long day.

Being able to talk to someone after a long day is really great. It’s a good stress reliever, and having a roommate that is also your best friend is an automatic way to have someone who will always welcome you. I am really going to miss coming home to someone every day.

2. Having someone to say good morning and good night to you.

This seems like a small thing, but it also is an absolutely incredible thing. I love it when my roommate says “good morning” and “good night” because it helps the day start and end on a positive note.

3. I will miss automatically having someone to hang out with.

I will admit, my roommate and I spend more time together than some other people probably spend with their roommates, so I will miss being able to spend time with someone and laugh with them. I am going to miss always having someone there no matter whether we’re staying in or going out to dinner.

4. I will miss having someone to share with.

Whether it’s ideas, funny things we’ve seen, or even food, I will miss having someone to be open and share with. I will miss being able to find and try new things. It’s such a small thing, but it  means the most to me. Sometimes, the best things are even better when you can share them with someone you love.

5. With a roommate, it’s hard to get lonely.

Sometimes, just being in the room with my roommate makes things so much better. I feel less lonely when she is there, even if we aren’t saying anything, and we are just sitting quietly.

6. I will miss having someone to complain to.

When life gets hard, I like knowing that I always have someone to vent to. Someone who will always listen to me and always be kind. I enjoy being able to talk to someone about everything that’s going on in my life.

7. Most of all, I will miss having a roommate that cares.

I have plenty of friends, but there is something so special about living with your best friend. It drives me crazy knowing my roommate is not only not going to be my roommate anymore, but she is also leaving the country. She’s going back to Japan, and I will miss her so much. Having someone in your life that cares so much about you is something that I have not experienced a lot in my life. I will miss having her in the room constantly because her presence makes the day better. She cares so deeply, and that is something that I never want to be without.

So with all this said, I will miss my roommate. She has become my best friend and the one solid person I know I can always depend on. She gives the best hugs and has the best smile. I am a better person for knowing her. I will miss having a roommate as great as her.

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