How to Experience Coachella 2018 Without Leaving Your House

Happy Friday friends! It’s our most favorite time of the year. Coachella is here for the next two weeks, so our Instagram & Twitter feeds are about to full out the crazy fashion and amazing music that comes out of it. This festival brings a lot of excitement to the music industry. Here are a three things that you can look forward to seeing at Coachella in person, or on your newsfeed.

Artists Dropping Music Left and Right

It was about two years ago that The Chainsmokers dropped their record breaking single “Closer” at Coachella. This year, Beyonce is performing and she is basically famous for keeping her fans on the edges of their seats. This is her second year in a row performing, so you know something magical is about to happen.

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Guaranteed Outstanding Performances Your Favorite Artists 

Other great performers for this year will include Eminem (who has his new single with Ed Sheeran “River”), The Weeknd (who just dropped an album pretty much all about Selena Gomez), and Cardi B (with her adorable baby bump). Anyone else excited to see Cardi B’s baby bump again? She is definitely looking great with the bump and will slay her performance!

You Don’t Have To Go To Coachella To Enjoy Coachella

The Festival kicks off today with The Weeknd headlining, and all the action can be seen live on Youtube. Now you can enjoy all the music and performances from Coachella, without actually being there. Because… Well, you know… Not everyone can AFFORD to go to Coachella. So if you are apart of the vast majority of us who can’t afford to go, get your festival makeup and clothes on, invite your friends, and make Coachella happen for you in your own home.

Featured image from GIPHY
Featured image via “Coachella” by joshc / CC BY-NC-SA


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