6 Beauty Hacks You Can Do While You Sleep

Life is busy. We have to worry about work, household chores, errands, and relationships. Maybe you have kids, so let’s throw that in there too. It can be hard to take care of our hair, nails, skin, eyes and lips when there are other things to do. What if I said you can take care of yourself when you sleep. Well, it’s true, you can! Here are a couple ways how:

Take care of your hair while you’re sleeping.

Use leave-in hair conditioner or a hair mask and leave it in overnight. Make sure to wrap your hair in a towel or scarf so your pillowcases stay clean. Rinse your hair when you wake up, and voila you’ll have silky locks! Another way to wake up with beautiful hair you should use satin pillow cases. This will let your hair move smoothly and not cause breakage and frizz when you move in your sleep! Hint: If you have long hair put it in a loose braid, you’ll wake up with waves.

Wake up with soft hands.

Don’t you hate when you have dry hands? Here’s an easy hack. Put on a thick layer of hand cream before you go to sleep and wear cotton gloves. Your hands will be thanking you in the morning.

Let’s get your feet smooth too.

Before you go to bed put a thick layer of cream or Vaseline on your feet then put on cotton socks. When you wake up your feet will be smooth, and hydrated.
Get kissable lips overnight.
Go out and buy some almond oil. Apply a thin layer on your lips before bed. You’ll wake up with smooth lips!

Make your nails healthy in your sleep.

Coconut oil is a girl’s best friend. Put some on your nails before bed, they will get harder, and your cuticles will get softer.

Wake up with glowing skin.

If you already use a night cream before bed, you’re heading in the right direction. Don’t skip out on this important step though. Put vitamin-E oil on your face before putting on your night cream. Your skin will glow when you wake up, but it’s important to do this every night!

Get long lashes while your sleep.

Before your head hits the pillow, put castor oil on your eyelashes. When you wake up, wash it off with warm water. This is something you’ll have to do every night. If you add this to your nightly routine, in a couple of months you’ll have longer lashes.

All of these things can be done while you still get your 8 hours of sleep. How perfect is that? I know, life can get busy, but you have to look after yourself too! These hacks are easy to do, they work while you sleep, and you wake up with results!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any overnight beauty tips.

Featured image via pexels.


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