Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Tessa And Scott In The Winter Olympics

As the 2018 Winter Olympic Games comes to an end in PyeongChang, so does a professional career for two of the most adored Olympic athletes of all time.

Tessa Virture and Scott Moir have an incredible story. At the ages of 7 and 9 they became partners and have had an impressive nearly 21 year long partnership in Ice Dance. The Canadian skating couple have become well known for their intimate connection to the crowd and each other, as well as their undeniable talent and athleticism.

This Olympics they won Gold in the team skating event and for the ice dance. Their impressive freestyle program earned them their personal best score and set the world record, as well as set the new record for most decorated figure skaters. They destroyed the competition and their hard work paid off.

Not only are they the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history, they are also the most loved and fantasized about. To look at them you’d think they were madly in love. In reality; they aren’t.

With this Olympics more than others, a romantic connection has been speculated and desired upon by viewers. They gave us some pretty steamy, passionate, sexy and intense moments we were lucky enough to witness.

Tessa and Scott’s had some moments that gave us major feels.

The Lustful Embrace and Neck Kiss

Uhm, tell me you don’t want that passionate kind of physical touch. Because I do.


Related image

This lift was actually taken to a board to be discussed because it was deemed as ‘too sexual’ and was cleared last night. It absolutely is sexual, but you have to give the people what they want!

The Way Their Faces Always Touch 

Look at the sensual way his cheek brushes her. Is he trying to avoid kissing her (like we’ve been begging him to)?

Their Endless Celebrations

Image result for tessa and scott 2018 olympics gifCan we take a moment to appreciate his hand placement and how deep she is into appreciating that moment? They’ve always relied on physical touch to stay connected and they are definitely entwined as one in this celebratory moment.


You can always feel his sincerity! He cups her cheek, pulls her close, goes in hard (mainly from adrenaline), but he makes the effort to always be physically connected with her when he does it. And she always looks like she’s having the time of her life in his arms.

Then you have the stuff from off the ice that we were gifted with thanks to behind the scenes footage and random back ground shots. Some of this footage is also causing speculation of dating rumors.

Image result for tessa and scott 2018 olympics gif

They were selected as flag bearers for Team Canada at the opening ceremonies and they proudly lead us into the stadium… And down a path to loving them even more.

Image result for tessa and scott 2018 olympics gif

Look how cute they are celebrating before they get their Gold medals for the team skating event. So playful!

I would also like to add that US Olympic super fan and comedian Leslie Jones is also obsessed. So they already have her stamp of approval, much like the rest of the world!


Since announcing this will be their last competitive performance, the world has been reminiscing about their connection and praying for a happy ending to the love story the world has created in their minds for them. Let’s face it, they are like Jack and Rose; we want their love to last long after they hit the ice!

As for their relationship status they strategically keep avoiding it in the most annoyingly perfect ways possible. As Scott said, “it’s none of your business.” Personally, I think they are a couple but aren’t choosing to share it because they want the discussion to be about their sport. It’s literally how they deflect every question about their personal connection.


She’s so elegant and graceful while he’s goofy and professional. They might be total opposites in some aspects but the connection they have is so strong. Whatever kind of relationship they have is so sacred. They put all their trust and focus on each other and that’s as inspiring as anything. We all want the kind of relationship they have with someone else.

Regardless of if they are together or not, they are Canada’s closest thing to a real life Disney Prince and Princess we have. They story has been an incredible one and no one will ever be able to beat the kind of connection they share.

For a look back at their 20 year career/secretive romance, view this thread and grab a tissue.


Thank you Tessa and Scott for messing with my emotions and I look forward to your engagement announcement! *crosses fingers*

Featured image via Public domain


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