5 Reasons You Need More Red Wine In Your Life

Over 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the end of February, but we guarantee this change won’t be too hard to keep.

As the holidays draw to a close and the year comes to a conclusion, you may begin to think of the countless ways you can transform your life for the better in the upcoming days. You may want to live a healthier lifestyle, plan more getaways with friends, or enhance your general appearance. What if I told you that you could successfully fulfill all of these goals with a few sips of red wine?

You read that right. Drinking red wine is linked to a variety of positive benefits and we’re not just talking about its delicious taste. Step into the New Year with confidence with a trusted bottle of wine right by your side.

Ditch the vodka crans and reach for a bottle of red wine instead. When you swap out your everyday beverage for a sip of this tasty infusion, your body and mind will start to thank you.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

The antioxidants in red wine help keep your heart healthy! Sipping red wine in moderation increases your body’s production of high-density lipoprotein, which equates to better protection against artery damage and disease.

Antioxidants aren’t the only component of this substance that helps protect your heart. Quercetin, a flavonoid that gives red wine its burgundy pigment, keeps this vital artery in top shape by controlling your blood pressure, protecting the lining of your blood vessel, and reducing your chances of inflammation too.

Boost Your Immune System

Who knew that fighting illnesses was as simple as picking up a glass of red wine? In fact, drinking two or more glasses of red wine each day can lower your chance of catching a cold by 44% compared to if you hadn’t picked up a glass of this indulgent beverage at all.

Whether you always seem to catch whatever cold is plaguing the office or get the sniffles whenever the temperature begins to drop outside, drinking red wine provides your body with the antioxidants it needs to stay active and healthy.

Complement Your Physical Appearance

Did you know that drinking a glass of wine can actually make you appear more attractive to others? And no, we’re not talking about beer goggles. Enjoying a refreshing glass of red wine can actually make your face appear more alluring by playing to your natural color.

Research studies show that the mild flush of your cheeks after a few sips of wine accompanied by your loosened facial muscles provide you with a more relaxed and enticing look.

So the next time you have a night out with the girls, maybe you don’t have to worry as much about fixing your hair or pulling out a showstopper gown when you’d rather wear sweats instead. Just order a glass of your favorite red wine and allow it to take care of the rest.

Fight Depression With a Drink Full of Happiness

The next time you’re feeling down, kick off your shoes, put on your favorite reality TV series, and pour yourself a glass of your favorite red wine. Drinking a few sips of your chosen grape variety can help provide your mind with some much-needed ease.

Studies conducted by researchers examining the effects of wine on the body found that moderate drinkers were much less likely to suffer from depression when compared to those who refrained from indulging in alcohol entirely.

Spend a Day in the Vineyard

Bars can be a fun place to hang out at with locals and friends, but crowds can leave you feeling cramped and restless. Escaping to the grape fields provides the perfect excuse to get out of your house and enjoy a little fresh air instead.

You may still be wrapped in your blanket as you power through the cold winter weather, but that doesn’t mean warmer and sunnier days aren’t ahead! Voyage out to the vineyards throughout the spring, summer, and even autumn.

While you may be giving up a few bad habits this upcoming New Year, make sure you treat yourself to a resolution you’ll want to actually stick to as well. After all, who says you have to suffer your way through a positive change? Put down those sugary drinks and pull out your favorite wine glasses instead. You may just find yourself keeping your New Year’s resolution this year after all.

Feature image via Pexels


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