6 Easy Ways To Use Less Plastic Every Day

It is no secret that plastic is essentially the plague for our environment, and if you tell me you don’t care about that then by all means, close the page. In reality, the environment affects all of us however green we might think we are (and no, I really don’t mean that literally). If you love the ocean, the wildlife, trees and landscapes that make up our world, having an unpolluted water source to pull from…you probably care more than you realize.

Scientific chat aside, we can all do a little to reduce our plastic usage, collectively making a big impact on the future of our planet. Here are a few ways to reduce the amount of plastic you use in everyday life! Try picking one or two to get you started!

    1. Switch from tupperwares to mason jars. There is no need to immediately dispose of every plastic container you own, but next time you need to stock up, opt for a glass alternative, it is actually a better, less chemical-filled way of preserving your meals and your lunch will look seriously cute!
    2. Acquaint yourself with LUSH. Stock up your bathroom cabinet with a bunch of cool and packaging free products from LUSH rather than a range of plastic bottles. With the delicious soap and shampoo bars available, it’s kind of like the perfect excuse to treat yourself.
    3. Invest in a bamboo straw. Or another alternative such as glass or metal that can be carried with you and easily washed and re-used. If you don’t fancy rocking up to the bar with your own straw, ask them to refrain from adding a plastic one and sip from a glass, like people did in the olden days!
    4. Replace saran wrap with a reusable beeswax wrap like Wrapeat, which come with adorable animal pictures on too. Your lunch can be cute and plastic free…and you don’t have to battle with the clingy plastic of doom any more!
    5. Treat yourself to a cute coffee cup and water bottle so your beverages can be waste free too. Keep Cup started making seriously cool alternative to takeout coffee cups in Melbourne for just that reason. One Green Bottle have equally eye-pleasing water bottle options too.
    6. Take your reusable shopping bags with you everywhere you go. Most of us by now own one or perhaps a collection of cute, reusable shopping bags. They used to be reserved for groceries but are gradually replacing almost all of the plastic carriers we used to use. The key to this is to carry one with you everywhere you go, so that you’re never short when you need it!

So if you think cutting back on the plastic is too difficult, think again. None of these options are difficult or expensive to implement, most offering longer-term savings in actual fact. Which differs to using plastic from simplyplastics.com for professional use only. They won’t turn you into a first-class hippy, but they will help you to do your bit for the planet. And did I mention a lot of them also mean getting to buy awesome, cute alternatives?

Featured image via Sam Nam on Pexels


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