It’s October, Here’s How To Make The Last Months Of 2017 Count

As the temperature falls with the leaves, days get shorter and the desire to spend evenings curled up right in front of the TV with a blanket and a cup of tea strengthens, we might feel that the year is already done. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, oh well, that’s winter, I’ll wait for 2018 and reevaluate my life again. It’s all too easy to stop trying, to quit motivation and merely slide through the days until the new year rolls around and kicks you back into gear.

There are however still THREE WHOLE MONTHS of 2017 left (well, almost), and that, beautiful ones, is a whole QUARTER OF THE YEAR. So don’t give up on the unfulfilled 2017 resolutions just yet. It’s actually the perfect time to evaluate, highlight the unachieved pointers on your list, and strategize for the rest of the year.

Three months is an ideal timeframe in which to set some tangible goals. Think about it, it isn’t really long enough for you to get bored, give up or lose focus. It is, however, a decent chunk of time with which you are capable of doing great things.

So, take some time to look back at what you have achieved this year, praise yourself for it, then consider the things you would have liked to do but haven’t. Are they still doable? Can you finetune them into some essential tasks to check off before the holiday season rolls in and you’re too overcome by turkey and egg-nog to do anymore?

Wondering what kind of things might go onto that list? Here are just a few easy suggestions to get you started:

  • Kicking into a fitness regime once and for all
  • Learning a few phrases of a new language
  • Trying one new club or class out to see if you like it
  • Cleaning up your clutter and organizing your apartment once and for all
  • Learning some new recipes
  • Planning a trip
  • Catching up with some long-lost pals

Rather than letting your motivation fall with the season, get involved and make the next few weeks count. Enjoy what 2017 has left to offer you and end the year on an achievement high, ready to kick 2018 in the butt!

Featured image via Haley Powers on Unsplash


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