8 Times Riverdale Described How We Really Feel About Food

In its thirteen episodes, Riverdale has managed to break our hearts, sew them back together again, and break them anew, all while reintroducing us to characters that we both love and love-to-hate. Whatever it is, we want more and clearly, the producers get the message. With the recently-announced 22-episode second season upon us (coming out October 11th!), we can’t wait to see what else is in store for Archie and his friends. Until then, here are eight times Riverdale has described how we felt about food. Because episodes come and go, but hunger is eternal.

  1. Being asked to please wait at the back of the line, even though you are so clearly hangry.

  1. Taking five samples and trying to play it cool, while secretly praising the sample server for their silent acceptance.

  1. Debating with your friends about where to go for dinner, and your bestie suggesting the sushi buffet.

  1. Hearing the barista ask if you want a hot coffee in the middle of summer when you both know it’s a bajillion degrees out there.

  1. The fast food staff thinking you were serious when you declined the offer to supreme your fries.

  1. Watching as the server delivers your food to the table, ten minutes after everyone else’s.

  1. Having your mom list all the reasons why you should stop purchasing subscriptions to snack-of-the-month boxes.

And finally,

  1. The moment your food arrives at the table.

Really, we all have a little binge-craving within us, whether it be for TV shows or food. Riverdale marathons + snackathons almost go hand-in-hand, so I say: do both.

You might not have a Pop’s Chock’lit shop of your own to provide the backdrop for your daily cravings (or a drama-filled town where the parents are just as crazy as the teenagers), but you can bet that there’s a foodie adventure around some corner of your own hometown. Grab a friend, seek it out, and let your taste buds run wild! Get the sushi, and the coffee, and the supreme fries. In other words, treat yo’self. Now that you’re craving a whole smorgasbord of foods, I’ll leave you to satisfy the hunger. After all, what else are you going to do until the release of season 2?!

Featured image via thecwriverdale


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