What Ever Happened To Normal Baby Names?

For the past two weeks, we have been sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for the most highly anticipated baby name reveal. Jay-Z and Beyonce’s recently gave birth to twins and we have been desperate to hear what these royal baby names would be. Will it be the colors of the rainbow, to follow in the steps of their sister or will it be something musical, preparing them for their future in the industry? While it is still not 100% confirmed that these are the baby names, news outlets are reporting that the babies names are Rumi and Sir.

While Rumi is a name that I have heard before, Sir is a little off the cuff. It could become quite confusing later when “Sir” is out in public and someone is yelling at a stranger on the street saying, “Sir you dropped your wallet”, but it actually isn’t our “Sir” it is just a gentleman. A polite way to address a stranger. This leaves me to question: Were Beyonce and Jay-Z just playing a game of let’s flip through the dictionary and the next word that we blindly land on will be the name of our child?

Why is it that celebrities feel the need to name their children after objects, rather than – if you would, normal names? Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow named their child Apple. Michael Jackson named his child Blanket. Where are the nurses after deliveries questioning if they weren’t just requesting something that was needed in their room or if that was an actual baby name? “Hey, can you get me a Blanket please?” Let just put that down as the baby’s name instead. Or “Hi I just gave birth to a child, may I have a snack please, preferably an Apple.” Oh, let’s suggest that as the baby’s name instead.

The same goes with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who named their children North and Saint. It seems as though they may have been a little too hopped up on the pregnancy juice to function and pick a proper name. Maybe they were looking for directions on how to get out of the hospital and they told them to go North. Maybe it was a Sunday and the Saints football game was on, thus they thought, “How else are we going to remember our child’s name other than naming him after the name of the football team that my ex used to play for?” (Reggie Bush if you aren’t getting what I am putting down). Also, has anyone ever questioned if Kanye ever thought about that?

What happened to the days when we actually thought about our children’s future and the amount of time that they are going to get picked on for these names? While we might not be able to predict if they will get acne or have hair that can’t be tamed, we are able to prevent them from getting bullied for their name, of which their parents chose. When choosing a baby’s name, take a day or two before you sign your baby’s life away. Think about their future and the amount of time that they will spend getting bullied for the first choice that you have made for them in their life.

Feature image via Ana Tablas on Unsplash


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