7 Social Etiquette Tips That All Millennials Need To Learn

Gone are the days of family dinner, chivalry, and planning a date in person. We have stepped into the time period of tech communication and passive aggressive statements. Not everyone is as bad as the worst millennial but not everyone is as good as old soul either. To make this world a more tolerable place, please follow these simple social etiquette rules;

Don’t put your phone on the table when you’re at a restaurant

Most people go out to eat for special occasions, date night, or even just as a spur of the moment treat. But all of those times are a step up from your nightly box of mac and cheese. Treat it as such! Spend quality time with your loved one(s) and leave your phone in your bag or jacket. Don’t keep it next to your plate and check it every 30 seconds.

Don’t facetime or talk on speaker phone in a common lunch space

If you are on break at work, this is not the time or place for you to have personal conversations with your soul sister. Not only are other people also trying to enjoy their break, or even work around you, but you also shouldn’t want people to know your business. They don’t want to know yours unless they ask.

Don’t talk to acquaintances about their eating habits

This is one of the most triggering questions for anyone that has suffered or currently suffers from an eating disorder. If you hardly know someone and you are concerned about their well-being, pull them aside to ask if they need help. Do not make what you could see as a funny comment out in public when they could be put on the spot. Matters like that are not to be aired for all to hear.

Offer gas money

When you catch a ride with someone or plan a trip together and one person offers to drive, you still need to pitch in. You’re saving money on public transit so use that to help them out! If they don’t want gas money, buy the coffee or the snacks. It’s more that you offer to contribute and less that you make it even; don’t be the friend who rides coattails.

Don’t ask someone to go get food/drink for you if you can’t pay

You know exactly what I’m talking about. “Going to get coffee; I’ll be back.” “Oh, can I have a scone?” But you have no cash or you’ll get them next time or you are just silent and expect free stuff. If I had a dime for every time I spotted someone I barely know at work, I could get my own breakfast out for a whole week.

Never ask what a person is

Sound like a weird question? Because it is. We have all learned at least a bit about how to be politically correct so why do I hear “what are you” as often as I do? People can be female, dancers, social workers, grandparents, anything! If you want to know a person’s nationality or heritage, please learn how to ask.

Stop listening to music without your headphones in

Yes, maybe Future is so hot right now. I could listen to Beyoncé all day too. But the fact is that when I’m commuting, it isn’t what I want to hear. And it might not be what other people want either. Some people have that time as their only quiet moments in of the day between work and home life.

A general life rule is to think before you act or speak. Remember what your parents taught you. Think about the golden rule and treat others how you want to be treated. We are all just trying to make it in this cruel world after all.

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